Dollar Bundle Madness - A week of awesome deals

Dollar Bundle Madness - A week of awesome deals

By  Sam Jones - 25th Jun 2018

Steam PC bundles galore - updated each day

Dollar Bundle Madness - A week of awesome deals

Our latest deals are a bundle of joy, quite literally, as we bring you a week of great offers on $1 bundles!

Dollar Bundle Madness sees some classic bundles return for a limited time, as well as a number of new ones on the Fanatical store. We're treating gamers to a number of bundles to mark day one, which means that you can pick from seven $1 bundles currently, and we will be adding more each day throughout the week.

Keep checking back here to see our latest $1 bundles!

Dollar Bundle Madness - Monday

Dollar Bundle Madness - Monday

We kicked off Dollar Bundle Madness with five bundles for you to choose from, saving you money on dozens of Steam keys.

Dollar Mega Bundle

Grab 28 casual games for all the family in the Dollar Mega Bundle. From chess and mahjong, to mysterious adventures and puzzles, there's something for everyone in this mega bundle!

Dollar Loco Bundle

You'd be crazy not to take advantage of this awesome deal for just $1! Grab the Dollar Loco Bundle now and enjoy ten Steam games ranging from action-packed RPGs and strategy-based games.

Explore Ancient Greece as the Goddess Athena, attempt to escape from a sinister puzzle-filled mansion, or take on the role of a dragon in a beautifully hand-drawn indie adventure.

Dollar Loot Bundle

Boost your Steam library with Dollar Loot Bundle, a virtual loot chest crammed with 21 Steam games and four DLC, all with individual Steam keys. Enjoy everything from controversial top-down shooters and mysterious adventures, to cunning cybernetic puzzles and hardcore, hat-wearing platformers!

Civil War Dollar Bundle

An historical civil war brought to life through seven quality Steam PC games in the Civil War Dollar Bundle. No, it's not Captain America, it's the actual American Civil War - a long-standing battle from 1861 to 1865, retold through HexWar Games' single-player strategy games.

Move your troops across the terrain and strategically attack opposing forces. Progress through this selection of games to discover more about the American Civil War, the troops and tactics - as well as a range of campaigns available in high definition.

Tank Battle Dollar Bundle

Control heavy-hitting tanks in World War Two surroundings with the Tank Battle Dollar Bundle. With seven Steam PC games at one incredibly low price, wage war against the German army in a series of intense strategic campaigns.

From controlling the British Commonwealth and US forces in North Africa to breaching the beaches of northern France, your commands must ensure that allied forces prevail.

Dollar Bundle Madness - Tuesday

Dollar Bundle Madness - Tuesday

Dollar Viva Bundle

Viva la epic deal! Captivating point and click adventures and classic sports simulation Steam games await in the Dollar Viva Bundle. With a staggering 28 games delivered as 24 Steam keys, let the hours pass with a range of single-player fantasy-inspired games and more.

Gamers will save over $331 on this selection of Steam keys!

Dollar Bundle Madness - Wednesday

Dollar Bundle Madness - Wednesday

Dollar Forever Bundle

You could say it's the 'Deal of the Forever' - Get your hands on TWENTY-SEVEN smashing Steam games for just $1 in the Dollar Forever Bundle!

Experience everything from fiendish puzzles games where you are the monster to cats on diets and a VHS effect first-person horror. Gamers save over $104 with this bundle that you can treasure... forever

Dollar Bundle Madness - Thursday

Dollar Bundle Madness - Thursday

Got a dollar spare? Save big on 25 addictive Steam games worth nearly $250 in the Dollar Jumbo Bundle - including five 7 Wonder indie games!.

From brain-teasing puzzlers to hidden object heaven, you really can't afford to miss this one.

Dollar Bundle Madness - Friday

Dollar Bundle Madness - Friday

Dollar Command Bundle

Lead your army into strategical combat with 12 Steam games in the brand new Dollar Command Bundle - including seven new-to-bundle!

From the American Revolution to World War II, grab a dozen strategy gems from developer HexWar Games for just $1, saving you over $150. No matter which game you start with or which war era you immerse yourself in, an army is at your command and ready to fight!

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