Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Meet the monsters confirmed so far

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Meet the monsters confirmed so far

By  Sam Jones - 16th Jul 2021

The zombies and beasts that await in Techland's survival horror sequel

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Meet the monsters confirmed so far

Harran threw its worst at us, and many of us made it out to tell the tale - but a new massive open-world setting known as The City now awaits survivors in the upcoming horror game Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Much like its predecessor, Dying Light, the sequel sees you take on the role of a parkour-trained survivor in a post-apocalyptic world filled with deadly mutated zombie-like enemies that range from your standard creepy slow walkers to volatile, beefed-up foes that could crack your skull with very little effort.

The game will see you traverse through dangerous locations, side with or oppose human factions and decide the fate of The City - including how the people survive within it as well as it overall look. Of course, the juicy part of the game is getting to take your customized weapons and unique skills and put them to work on the monsters that await beyond your safe zone.

Here, we take you through a list of the confirmed monsters that you'll be facing in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.



These hulking beasts are an example of what happens when the mutation into a Volatile takes an even darker, more dangerous route. Chemicals from its environment have resulted in its body growing much larger than most Volatiles and Virals that you'll come across, and this particular breed of monster can be identified by having one arm larger than the other - guess which one it wants to clobber you with!

Due to its strength, a Demolishers are able to wield heavy objects such as poles covered in chunks of cement. In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, they now appear as civilians rather that uniformed police officers and soldiers as seen in the original Dying Light game. While they have a huge amount of aggression and can pack a punch, a Demolisher's attacks are sluggish and can be avoided with quick thinking and fast feet.



If you're unlucky enough to get infected, and the UV rays don't slow the spread of the pathogen in good time, then you'll succumb to the virus and become a Viral - the first stage of the dreaded disease. This transformation causes its body to go into primal mode, meaning that Virals will use the tense muscles and tendons to pursue a target.

If they got hold of their 'prey' they'll beat, scratch and bite away like a wild animal. Only a Volatile or Night Walker can match them for their speed.

You'll be able to spot these monsters out and about as they appear uneasy and regularly spasm due to the effects of the disease. They will also, during this stage of the infection, attempt to avoid UV rays at all cost - so don't expect to see them sunbathing or taking a leisurely stroll.



After the initial stage of the infection, Virals transform into Biters, the most common zombie type enemy you'll find in Dying Light 2. A Biter has lost most of its more dangerous attributes from its Viral form including strength and speed, but they can still bite and grab you, which can easily spread the infection to unsuspecting victims.

Sun/UV rays are still harmful to Biters, much like the Virals, so they will avoid walking the streets during daylight.


The final transformation of the Viral infection, a Degenerate is a rotting figure that is very weak and has pieces of meat and flesh falling away from its body... nice. These zombies are an indication of how long they've been exposed to sunlight, and clearly these old chaps have been wandering around outside for way too long.

Degenerates pose very little threat to you unless you're severely outnumbered by other opposing monsters, or if they catch you while you have low health.



As the name suggests, a Volatile is among the most fierce and dangerous types of monsters roaming these lands. They have extreme agility and strength, and their hardened skin makes it difficult to break them down as easily as the more fleshy type foes.

However, there's an opening in its rib cage that can cause fatal damage to one of these monstrous beings... you're welcome!

These monsters only emerged during nightfall in the original Dying Light and proved to be a menace when trying to get back to a safe zone. They can, however, be wounded with UV light.



A new type of zombie never seen before in the Dying Light series. A Drowner is a type of monster that has been submerged in water for a lengthy amount of time. Not a lot is known about this enemy so far, but from what we've seen from the initial early gameplay reveals and in recent interviews with developer Techland, Drowners have spikes which can pierce through its skin and will no doubt be used as a form of weaponry - possibly projectile if said spikes were to fling out of its skin.

These creatures also prefer to stay in wet conditions, so expect to see them pop up for a surprise welcome if you traverse through any swamps, marshes, lakes or rivers within the world of Dying Light 2.



Building on the Volatile's form, a Revenant has many similar features but with the addition of tentacle-like limbs that spread from its back due to another unnatural evolution of the disease. This creature shoots a mist from its body that empowers other infected enemies close by, fuelling them with stronger attacks and a more aggressive behavior towards you.

Sound advice, take it out first if you get the chance!

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