EA SPORTS FC 24 Hands-On Impressions

EA SPORTS FC 24 Hands-On Impressions

By  Mike Crewe - 9th Oct 2023

New name, same beautiful game

EA SPORTS FC 24 Hands-On Impressions

It’s not too often that a yearly sports franchise gets shaken up quite like FIF- ahem, I mean, EA SPORTS FC 24 has. Dropping the FIFA licence, EA has chosen to go it alone from now on, and whilst this won’t be a revolutionary change fans of the series may have thought, there are certainly enough new mechanics and features to make it feel like the start of something new and exciting. But is the overall package worth the investment? Well, let’s have a look, shall we? 

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The Beautiful (Looking) Game

The first thing I noticed upon booting up the game was the new presentation. The slick new menus make it easier than ever to jump into whichever game mode you want, all thanks to its clean, simplistic design. This also carries over to the on-pitch action, with overlays showcasing statistics popping up during a pause in the action or the commentators discussing the game during the half-time break. Although the latter isn’t voiced, it serves a purpose in giving the once static mid-match menu screens a much-needed shot of personality that brings the franchise closer to its real-world counterpart than ever before!

Aside from the improved presentation, the entire game looks and sounds better than ever. You’ll notice much more wear and tear on the pitch as you send players sliding in for the ball; players models have never looked better (despite that one pre-release screenshot looking awful), meaning you’ll witness Grealish’s wild hairstyle flopping about in full 4K glory. This, as well as the genuinely impressive physics system, is all thanks to the HyperMotion V engine, which has taken footage of over 180 professional matches to add an extra layer of realism that definitely improves the in-game experience.



One new feature is that of PlayStyles. These make players feel like individuals on the pitch, with over 30 abilities that will trigger organically during play. World-class dribblers will more than likely have the Technical PlayStyle to give them an added boost when evading defenders, whilst goalkeepers may have Footwork in their arsenal, allowing them to save more often with their feet. Certain players will also have a PlayStyle+, which further boosts the specific trait from great to legendary!

Play — Or Manage — Your Way

As for what you can find in terms of various ways to play, all the usual modes make a return. From Kick Off, that gets you straight into the action, Manager and Player Careers, Volta, Seasons, and, of course, Ultimate Team. Whilst none of these modes have seen drastic changes — although Ultimate Team does now feature female footballers as well as a few other quality-of-life upgrades — it’s still difficult to deny just how much fun the game is to play! With such a diverse number of modes, it’s easy to jump into a multiplayer match with a friend or start your managerial career off at Tranmere Rovers before getting a call to oversee things over at Barcelona…

To summarise, EA SPORTS FC 24 does a lot to try and blur the line between gameplay and reality, and it certainly looks and feels closer to watching your favourite team dominate (or not, if you’re a Sheffield United fan) than ever before. Whilst some new modes or some more in-depth features to the Player Career would have been nice, it’s still just as addictive as ever. Much improved physics and animations go a long way to make this one of the best football simulation titles in years!

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