ELDEN RING: How to Leave the Selia Crystal Tunnel Area (With Video)

ELDEN RING: How to Leave the Selia Crystal Tunnel Area (With Video)

By  Luz Victoria - 12th May 2022

How to get past FromSoftware’s cruellest prank yet.

ELDEN RING: How to Leave the Selia Crystal Tunnel Area (With Video)

So you (probably) killed Flying Dragon Agheel, maybe you even killed the Night Cavalry and are carrying thousands of souls. Anxious and excited to find where to spend them, you explore a nearby settlement filled with enemies that you swiftly dispatch and find yourself a chest. Why not open it after fighting so much for it?... Except that the chest ensnares you and takes you to the perilous Sellia Crystal Tunnel. Sure, you try to fight your way out, but every enemy does ridiculous amounts of damage and takes way too many hits. Welcome to a mid-game area, where FromSoftware decides to troll you by throwing you in the middle of nowhere and show you just a bit of what's to come with ELDEN RING.

My first time in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, I fought and fought to look for a way out to no avail. Despite killing plenty of enemies, there were plenty more to kill me and make my life a living hell. For a second, I was sure I was stuck — hard stuck. I looked for hours so that others wouldn't have to too. So, how do you get out of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel?

Truth be told, getting out is way easier than it might seem; all you need to do is know the path. Start from a sneaking position and walk out of the little hut, turn right and hug the right wall until you are directly behind it. It's alright that you pass by several miner enemies, as they are generally harmless because they're busy doing their work. Once behind the hut, hug the wall to your left and continue moving forward while hugging it. This is the most crucial part, as not sneaking here will trigger a guard standing over one of the houses that will shoot very deadly spikes at you. Once inside of the small tunnel, however, feel free to uncrouch and run forward as there should be no further enemies. After you're out of the tunnel, jump down (or use the ladder down, though you shouldn't take damage if you jump) and rest at the Site of Grace. You still aren't technically free, as you'll need to properly leave the Sellia Crystal Tunnel by going down the long tunnel until you're outside before you can teleport away. Once you do, you're free!

Now that you're out, you should be able to continue exploring the Lands Between. If you're feeling like a daredevil, continue exploring Caelid. You might not be able to kill any foes, but it still could be a great and fun experience to do so! Just don't say we didn't warn you about the criminally high amounts of damage... or the Scarlet Rot...

Excited to see what else ELDEN RING has in store? Make sure to check out the game and see what all of the hype is about!

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