Elden Ring - Meet the enemies

Elden Ring - Meet the enemies

By  Guest - 22nd Nov 2021

Check out some of the foes that are baying for blood

Elden Ring - Meet the enemies

Let’s not be modest for a moment, we’ve been through a LOT in past SoulsBorne games.

From the terrifying Mind Flayers lurking in the Tower of Latria to the gigantic spiders in the aptly named Nightmare of Mensis. we're here to tell you it’s not getting any easier in the upcoming open-world RPG Elden Ring... sorry. With another FromSoftware release comes more of that masochistic gameplay we’re all weirdly obsessed with - only this time, players

Ready to discover what or who lies ahead? Let’s meet a few of the enemy types that’ll be making our lives miserable in the near future!


These nasty little things may look harmless and even comical but don’t let their appearance lure you into a false sense of security. Preferring to travel in groups, they’re quick to overpower their victims in numbers, though easily dealt with in smaller numbers with just a few hits.

They can usually be found in caves and other dark corners of the world, only emerging to gather materials and attack those most vulnerable with their clubs.

Land Octopus

<iframe id="reddit-embed" src="https://www.redditmedia.com/r/Eldenring/comments/qoi0sh/some_kind_of_land_octopus_writhing_around_behind/?ref_source=embed&amp;ref=share&amp;embed=true" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups" style="border: none;" height="413" width="640" scrolling="no"></iframe>

These monstrosities, similar in appearance to the Snake Balls found in Yarnham, roam the wet grounds of lakes and beaches. While not difficult to defeat, requiring only one or two strikes, they’re still hostile and will attack on sight. Adorable.

Soldiers & Nobles

A basic humanoid enemy type for sure, though no less dangerous than many other threats in the world. Often found guarding outposts in huge groups, these are foes best faced individually. Weak to most damage types, they’re still able to put up a good fight but watch they don’t alert the others. Strength comes in numbers and once you’re surrounded there’s little hope for your survival. Stealth is highly recommended here.



Towering over its enemies, a sense of overwhelming futility could be forgiven when you first encounter these beasts. Resistant to most damage but LOVES to give it back equally, Trolls use their build to great effect.

Stomping to knock the player back, it’s advised you keep your distance, magic is highly effective. 

Giant Bat

More annoying than anything, really. These flappy inconveniences don’t exactly strike fear in their prey’s hearts, using highly telegraphed attacks making them incredibly easy to dodge, the only real challenge comes from trying to hit them before they’ve flown away. They’ll attack you in groups but even then, I wouldn’t worry about it. 

Mounted Northern Mercenaries

Found patrolling outposts and other important sites, using their mounts to swiftly close the gap between them and their enemies, they’ll use a range of sweeping attacks and can sometimes attack in groups, making it very difficult to overcome. Attacking on horseback could be advantageous but finicky, blocking and dodging on foot are your best tactics to avoid the high-damage attacks. Approach with caution. 

Black Knight

Possibly the deadliest enemy on this list, the black knight can be found patrolling on horseback during the night. Armed with a halberd, he’ll attack on sight and relentlessly pursue his victims. You can kill his horse to make the fight easier but beware of his ability to spawn a replacement. You’ll need a high-damage weapon and a can-do attitude if you want a chance of defeating him. The good news is that once defeated he doesn’t respawn.

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Article by Curtis Budworth



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