The Elder Scrolls Online Stonethorn DLC - What's included

The Elder Scrolls Online Stonethorn DLC - What's included

By  Sam Jones - 28th Aug 2020

A look at the new content included for the MMORPG's latest DLC update

The Elder Scrolls Online Stonethorn DLC - What's included

More evil has arisen in The Elder Scrolls Online as Bethesda and ZeniMax continues its Dark Heart of Skyrim year-long adventure - and that means that another DLC has arrived.

Now available for Steam PC, Stadia, and Mac - and launching for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers on September 1st - the StoneThorn DLC introduces two new dungeons, Castle Thorn and Stone Garden.

Both are filled with monstrous beasts and challenging battles to overcome, new quest lines to experience, and additional Achievements, item sets, and collectibles to earn. The dungeons are part of a larger, grand narrative, but new and existing players will be able to jump in and enjoy their stories without having to complete any of the previous adventures in the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline - including the events of ESO: Greymoor. and past expansions such as Summerset and Morrowind.

Here, we take a look at what's included in the Stonethorn DLC, as well as the latest free update coinciding with the DLC's arrival.

Stonethorn dungeon DLC

As mentioned above, the Stonethorn DLC introduces two new dungeons, Castle Thorn and Stone Garden. At Castle Thorn, a Vampire army rises from its fortified halls, led by the keep’s master, the powerful Lady Thorn. Before this dread host can march on the people of Western Skyrim, players must assault the fortress, fight their way through this monstrous legion, and put a stop to their invasion.

A frontal assault on this gigantic castle will be no small task as an army of vampiric beasts guards the citadel, including members of the Thorn Legion, skeletal monsters, bloodfiends, and worse still.

“Vaduroth, a bound Wraith of Crows, should offer some interesting challenges for you and your party,” says Mike Finnigan, ESO’s Encounters Lead on the ESO website. "A servant of Nocturnal now bound to the will of Lady Thorn, Vaduroth’s job is to empower and ‘resurrect’ Vampires that have fallen in battle."

Age-old treasures from before the Second Era, with players able to claim the Talfyg’s Treachery set as a reward for their hard fought victory.


Over in the Stone Garden, the mad Alchemist Arkasis has been busy concocting terrible creatures in his secret laboratory. The dark creations found deep within the caverns of Blackreach, are like nothing players have ever faced before.

You'll confront the evil genius and his horrifying experiments, to prevent new monsters from rising from the depths.

“Not much is known about Stone Garden other than the fact it was an abandoned Dwemer facility of some kind,” says Finnigan. "The pipes, tubes, and Dwarven machines were perfect for Arkasis’s plan, and so he retrofitted them with his own designs, making the entire structure one giant laboratory."

Stone Garden is also the first ESO dungeon with an activatable Hard Mode for each boss. In challenging your team in this way, you’ll receive greater rewards, and you must complete each Hard Mode in succession in order to face Arkasis himself in Hard More. Unique rewards for brave adventurers who wander into the Stone Garden and live to tell the tale include the powerful Kraglen’s Howl medium set.

Update 27 (free)


As well as the Stonethorn DLC, ZeniMax and Bethesda has unveiled the free Update 27, featuring a quality-of-life improvements, fixes, and balance changes - with the main addition being the new Character Pathing tool.

"As an example, let’s say you already have Pirharri the Smuggler placed in your home," says Finnigan. "With this update, you now have a new option when targeting her in the housing editor to ‘Create Path.’ Once you press that button, you’ll see a path node beneath Pirharri, and another path node held in your hand like a furnishing.”

For each individual character (each assistant, mount, or pet in your home), you can place up to 30 of these nodes anywhere you like in your house, and once you’ve confirmed the path, they’ll walk to each one automatically. You can even add wait times for them to pause at each node, from three seconds to three minutes, and you can also choose how fast they approach them, from a leisurely walk to a fast sprint.

When a character reaches the end of the path, they’ll turn around and walk back through in reverse, but you can also choose for the path to form a loop, or even have them walk between nodes chosen at random.

Jump into the latest big expansion for the popular MMORPG right now with your officially licensed The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Bethesda PC key.

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