Non Game Scream Sale Round-Up Oct 23

Non Game Scream Sale Round-Up Oct 23

By  Andrew Duncan - 27th Oct 2023

Scream if you want a roundup!

Non Game Scream Sale Round-Up Oct 23

Overcome your fear of the unknown by learning all about it! And that’s what’s on offer when you come to Fanatical (when you’re not looking for games, that is!), the capabilities to learn.

So, here’s a look at what has come out lately, bundle-wise.

Fright Night Sounds & FX Bundle

What goes bump in the night? Well, thanks to this bundle of spooky sounds and music — whatever you want! Do you use Serum? Does your game or video project need some gorey sound effects? Grab this seven item strong bundle!

Halloween Horror Comics Bundle (ft Night of the Living Dead)

Maybe scary games and frightening movies are too much, and you’re looking for something to send a chill down your spine while the lights are still on. Well, this three tier bundle has 34 digital comics full of witches, zombies and Dracula himself! Want a better look at what’s inside? See what the team at Geek Native thought about this bundle in their roundup!

Horror Artbook Bundle

If colouring in is what gets you through the day, and you want something season-specific, then grab this five ebook bundle filled with men, women, vampires, and more.

The Witching Hour Bundle

 Now is the perfect time to hone your witchcraft, so why not get some help from this two-tier bundle with several Practical Witch's Almanacs! Get up to 10 ebooks from us, then get a cauldron from your usual supplier.

True Crime Stories Bundle

Finally, if you’re one of those True Crime nuts (like me!) then you have probably already grabbed this bundle of eight ebooks! Serial killers, unsolved crimes, the most infamous of evildoers — there’s so much here to read!

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