ENDLESS Dungeon Edition Differences

ENDLESS Dungeon Edition Differences

By  Bex Prouse - 30th Mar 2023

What extra loot can you get with a Last Wish?

ENDLESS Dungeon Edition Differences

ENDLESS Dungeon pre-orders are up here on Fanatical. But you might need help deciding on which edition to choose. If you can’t decide, let’s look at what you can get with the Standard and Last Wish Editions.

ENDLESS Dungeon Standard Pre-Order

ENDLESS Dungeon fans who pre-order the game on the PC will receive exclusive Amplifiers avatars and badges for use on the G2G forums. However, these are only available for early adopters. Likewise, early adopters on all platforms can download the Pioneer Elite Skin Pack, which consists of three Hero Elite skins, four weapon skins, and one Crystal Bot skin.

Standard Pre-Order Bonuses

The Pioneer Elite Skin Pack  

  • Three Hero Elite skins
  • Four Weapon skins
  • One Crystal Bot skins
  • Early Adopter Bonus

G2G Amplifiers Badges and Avatars (PC Exclusive Early Adopter Bonus)

  • PC Exclusive
  • Early Adopter Bonus

ENDLESS Dungeon Last Wish Pre-Order

The Last Wish edition for ENDLESS Dungeon includes many more perks than the game's Standard edition. In this edition, you’ll also have access to the same pre-order bonuses as you would in the Standard edition. However, you will only have access to these under the same conditions, so you would only get the G2G badges and avatars as a PC exclusive. 

Previously, those who ordered the Last Wish edition would also have access to the Final Rodeo Open Dev. Sadly, this was only available for a limited time from the 20th of January until the 6th of February. However, don’t worry about missing out; you’ll have access to the closed beta before the game’s launch. 

While you will have access to the Pioneer Elite skin pack, those who pre-order the Last Wish edition will also get the Die-Hard Elite Skin Pack. This skin pack contains three Hero skins, which appear purely cosmetic. 

You’ll also be able to download a digital version of the Reckless Squad art book to check out character artwork. Fans can also download the digital soundtrack featuring the singer Lera Lynn and compositions from Arnaud Roy. Two of the tracks included will be Free Again and The Garden.

If you get a physical edition of the game, you will also get the ‘Crystal Search’ card game. Of course, this won’t be the only perk to the physical edition, and if you want a physical copy of the art book, you can get one this way. Unfortunately, only the digital edition will allow you 48-hour early access to the game. 

Last Wish Pre-Order Bonuses

48-Hour Early Access

  • Digital Edition Only

G2G Amplifiers Badges and Avatars

  • PC Exclusive
  • Early Adopter Bonus

Pioneer Elite Skin Pack

  • Three Hero Elite skins
  • Four Weapon skins
  • One Crystal Bot skins
  • Early Adopter Bonus

Closed Beta Access

  • PC Exclusive

Die-Hard Elite Skin

  • Three Hero Skins

Digital Original Soundtrack

  • Features Music by Lera Lynn and Composer Arnaud Roy
  • Includes Tracks: Free Again, The Garden, and More

Digital Reckless Squad Art Book

  • Physical Art Book for Physical Editions for Console and PC
  • Digital Editions for Console and PC

Crystal Search Card Game

  • Physical Exclusive

I hope this guide will help you decide which version of ENDLESS Dungeon you want to buy. ENDLESS Dungeon will be released on the 18th of May, and it will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X|S. The Nintendo Switch release has yet to be announced.

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