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Endless Space 2 Renegade Fleets update arrives on Steam PC

Endless Space 2 Renegade Fleets update arrives on Steam PC

By Sam Jones

Endless Space 2 Renegade Fleets update arrives on Steam PC

By Sam Jones - 12th Sep 2018

Free Fleet skins, modding support and more for the 4X strategy game

Endless Space 2 Renegade Fleets update arrives on Steam PC

Space... the 'fancy' frontier - that's right, gamers have been treated to new Fleet skins and some extra juicy content as part of the Endless Space 2 Renegade Fleets community update.

Amplitude Studios' 4X strategy, in which players create a civilization and explore the deep corners of space while co-operating or conquering with other civilizations, has has a series of expansions and updates since its launch back in 2017 - and this week SEGA announced the latest free community update will add in-game cosmetics, as well as modding and media content.

Free Fleet skins

The Fleet skins included in the update are:

Riftborn "Redshifted" skin - Particles in zones inhabited by Riftborn are occasionally redshifted as a temporary adaptation to slow the local effects of corruption, an important tool in offsetting problems encountered by their ships in the galaxy.

Sophon "Mavros" skin - The intellectually superior Sophons would never admit to being jealous of the Mavros' swagger, but occasionally like to remind others that they, too, are entirely capable of blowing up moons...

Unfallen "Firekeepers" skin - The Firekeepers support the Unfallen lifecycle by preparing the fields with brushfires and melting resin to cover the Unfallen seeds. These ceremonial hulls commemorate this organization.

Vodyani "Heretic" skin - When Isyander St. Shaiad decided to become a heretic, he changed more than just his name. He rebuilt the armor of his ships in crimson and white, colors that he believed were initially used on the Endless altars to the Lost.

Lumeris "Buccaneer" skin - A nod to the piracy between friends that was common before the Four Families became structured and formalized. There are rumors though, that some of these fleets hail from a shadowy, rogue operation...

Horatio "Emerald" skin - Horatio liked emerald green this weekend. That is all.

Other features


AI modding

Do you dream of docile Cravers and war-mongering Sophons? Well, players can now create mods for Endless Space 2's AI, as well as sharing your mods with fellow gamers online via Steam's Workshop tools.

Art & Lore

The Renegade Fleets update also includes the brand new Hissho comic and the forth installment of Quality Time with Jeff, the comical video series that takes a look behind the scenes with dev interviews and more. You can catch up on all four episodes here.

Looking to explore space and take control of your own civilization? Grab your Endless Space 2 Steam key now, or opt for the Endless Space 2 Collection and get the Deluxe Edition and all released DLC expansions.

Endless Space 2 Renegade Fleets update arrives on Steam PC

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