EVERSPACE Ultimate Edition - What's included

EVERSPACE Ultimate Edition - What's included

By  Guest - 22nd May 2020

What extra content will you get in Rockfish Games' action-packed sci-fi shooter

EVERSPACE Ultimate Edition - What's included

The combination of randomized levels and enemies along with a high level of challenge have made roguelikes a hit with gamers for decades - and EVERSPACE from Rockfish Games takes the genius move of combining these smart gameplay features with the space combat genre.

EVERSPACE Ultimate Edition combines all the content from the base game, the Deluxe Edition extras and the Encounters Expansion Pack into one rewarding package. Let's dive deeper into this sci-fi title to see what's in store with this edition.

I need more space...

Unlike a lot of roguelike games, EVERSPACE has a non-linear story complete with voice-acting. Its roguelike gameplay has both persistent progression and the ability to upgrade and repair your ship, so you’ll have to be cautious with every move to survive in the cold outreaches of space.

Andy Kelly of PC Gamer praised its graphics noting how its "dazzling starscapes, hulking freighter wrecks, and burning alien suns make every moment worthy of hitting the screenshot key".

Those wanting an extra challenge can fire up the Hardcore Mode with permadeath making each decision potentially your last. Its intuitive controls utilize the mouse and keyboard to allow players to have pin-point accuracy like what you would find in a first-person shooter.

With all the randomized challenges coming your way, you’re going to need all the help you can get!

Where no man has gone before


As part of the EVERSPACE Ultimate Edition, you get everything extra that came with the Deluxe Edition: the Original Soundtrack, a Digital Art Book, and 10 Wallpapers.

EVERSPACE’s soundtrack by Gero Goerlich features over 60 tracks in FLAC and MP3 soundtrack running over 3 hours. The music varies from relaxing exploring tunes to tense battle music. Fans of vintage chiptune music even get a few retro-styled tracks to enjoy.

The Digital Art Book is 48 pages of rich artwork of planets, spaceships, and more showing the incredible visual palette of the game. Those who want to extend the EVERSPACE experience to their Desktop will enjoy the 10 wallpapers available in both 4K and 1080P resolutions.

Spaceship shape


The Encounters Expansion included in the EVERSPACE Ultimate Edition features a host of new content for the game expanding the gameplay in a variety of ways. You'll get the Colonial Sentinel, an additional ship you can fly, as well as five new ship skins to make your ship look cooler than ever.

EVERSPACE’s story is bolstered with new quests and new characters including a French robot bounty hunter who may not be what it seems. Paul Younger of PC Invasion praised the new NPCs for adding some "real flavour to the experience".

Try and survive in space for longer with new weapons like the Goo Gun and the Destabilizer Missile. More devices, consumables, and G&B Factory Stations add even more variety to the base game!

To new frontiers


EVERSPACE Ultimate Edition has it all: the base game, the Encounters Expansion, and the Soundtrack, Digital Art Book, and 10 Wallpapers from the Deluxe Edition.

Take to space now and engage in high-octane battles with your officially licensed EVERSPACE Ultimate Edition Steam PC key from Fanatical.

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