Everything You Need to Know About Football Manager 2023's Beta

Everything You Need to Know About Football Manager 2023's Beta

By  Danielle Angel - 20th Oct 2022

Learn everything there is to know!

Everything You Need to Know About Football Manager 2023's Beta

With the announcement from Football Manager 2023's official Twitter account revealing the release of the early access pre-order bonus imminent, it's natural to have some questions about the game's beta. Whether you're an old-timer or a brand-new manager, it's time to tackle some of the common questions regarding the beta!

Will I get my Beta key if I purchase through Fanatical?

Absolutely! We are an official Sega partner, and that means we get legitimate keys from them to provide to the public. By purchasing it from us, you can get it at a discount and get your key from Sega to ensure you can access the beta as soon as possible!

What is the Football Manager 2023 beta?

The beta for Football Manager 2023 is an early look at most of the game's content, featuring almost the complete game for you to play as an early access. This version is to reward loyal fans of the franchise by giving them a headstart to the game and an additional discount to take advantage of.

When will the Football Manager 2023 beta be available?

Football Manager 2023’s beta is already live and has been since the 20th of October! Meaning that, if you pre-order the game, you get instant access to the title!

How can I get access to the Football Manager 2023 beta?

By pre-ordering the game, you will get access to the early access beta as soon as it releases.

Can I get into Football Manager 2023's beta on consoles? (Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5)

The short answer is no — there is no confirmation that there will be an early access period for the console release of the game, meaning that this will solely be a PC-exclusive beta, giving you all the more reason to get the game on it!

What is the main difference between the Football Manager 2023 beta and the official launch?

The official launch will have fixed many of the bugs that will be present throughout the beta period, making the gameplay smoother than before. Additionally, the free and paid pre-game editor and the in-game editor will be unavailable until the full release.

Can you play online in Football Manager 2023?

We do not know — all we can go on is speculation, but at the time, this has not been announced.

Is Football Manager 2023's beta version a demo?

No, and for many reasons — not only will you need to have purchased the game already to get access to it (essentially defeating the purpose of a demo), but you'll also face no restrictions in the beta version. While the demo will limit how many leagues and seasons you'll be able to play, the beta version is essentially fully unlimited access to the game, aside from potentially some minor changes missing.

How can I play the demo for Football Manager 2023?

Currently, the demo for the game is not available until its release on the 8th of November. Until then, the only way to access the game is by pre-ordering the title.

How big will the installation be for Football Manager 2023's beta?

Built purely from speculation, we assume the download size will be around 7GB — a relatively short installation, depending on your download speed.

How many seasons will I be able to play in the beta for Football Manager 2023?

There is no limit to how many seasons you can play in the early access release for the game; differently from the demo version, which only lets you play six in-game months, the beta version will have unlimited access to the months.

What game modes will be available in Football Manager 2023's beta?

As far as we're aware, all game modes, including Network Games and the Fantasy Draft mode, will be available in the early access beta. Although this isn't officially confirmed, it is speculation built from the early access from previous years.

Will I need to order Football Manager 2023 separately from the beta version?

No! To enter the beta, you'll need to purchase the base game, meaning that once the game releases, you'll have access to the full version, too!

Will I be able to continue on my beta save for Football Manager 2023?

Yes, all of the beta save files will be compatible with the full release and located in the same folder, meaning that you won't have to go tinkering to use your old save.

How do I update my game to the full version?

Nothing at all — once Football Manager 2023's full release comes around, your game will automatically update, allowing you to get access to the full game as soon as possible; no tinkering is needed.

Where can I find my Football Manager 2023 save file?

Your save file should be located in the following folders:


C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\games


Users\[Your Mac Username]\Library\Application Support\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023

How to report bugs in the beta

If you found a bug in the beta, it'll be beneficial to report it in the Sports Interactive Community forum. You should also be able to access this by clicking "report issue" in-game.

Now you know everything about the game’s beta release — if you’re intrigued, why not check out the game and shoot for the goal?

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