Everything You Need to Know About V Rising's Update 1.0

Everything You Need to Know About V Rising's Update 1.0

By  Dan Matthews - 15th Apr 2024

Loving all the Castlevania cross-overs!

Everything You Need to Know About V Rising's Update 1.0

After only two years in Early Access, V Rising is now headed straight for release! This open-world survival base building title has nearly reached Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam, as it currently stands at Very Positive with 88%! Now, players can look forward to doing even more and exploring. Here's what is coming to the game upon its release!

The first and most obvious one is the upgrade of the graphics! While V Rising's original look stood out and already looked fantastic, Stunlock Studios has spent some time refining the details even more and bringing the world to life. This is further deepened by the actual life you'll encounter on the road, such as the cargo travellers! These arrogant humans — developer's words, not ours! — will be great for a quick bite.

When you're not going around the world exploring everything from the Farbane Woods to Ruins of Mortium to get resources, you'll find yourself battling dear ol' Dracula's minions. That's right, throughout the land, you'll find the Legion of Noctum, which include everything from simple servants to Elena the Hollow, Cassius the Betrayer, and Valencia the Depraved: all terrifying generals waiting to put a stopper to your quest.

Speaking of your mission, wanting to become the sole apex predator of the region is all good, but we hope you're prepared because you'll be facing up against a familiar foe: Simon Belmont! That's right, the legendary vampire hunter known from the beloved Castlevania found his way to Vandoran, and he's aching to fight. By defeating him, you’ll be able to unlock the famous Belmont weapon — the whip — which will be one of the new weapons coming with update 1.0.

Along with a variety of weapons comes an improvement to combat! By adding a slew of passive magic bonuses, new weapons, new unique weapons, ancestral weapon upgrades, and even a new Spider form, V Rising is becoming even smoother in combat. Still, make sure to keep near the shadows — the sun is still a force to be reckoned with! 

And last but not least, the game wouldn't be the same if you couldn't decorate your castle and your character. So, for those who want to stay back and collect resources while their team does the murdering, there is a lot to look forward to! From a music player that'll let you enjoy the soundtrack in your own castle to new decorations, there's a lot that'll help you stand out in-game and help you make your own legacy! With Castlevania DLC, which includes cosmetics, shape-shifting variants, a mount, music, and furniture, you'll be spoiled for choice! Oh, and did we mention you can now move your castle? So you’ll be able to take your evil manor everywhere you go and be confident that you’ll be able to grow it alongside your never-ending thirst for V-Blood enemies!

If all of that sounds fantastic, then keep an eye for V Rising's release on the 8th of May 2024! 

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