Evil Genius 2: World Domination - Meet the playable Genius characters

Evil Genius 2: World Domination - Meet the playable Genius characters

By  Sam Jones - 12th Mar 2021

The dastardly, devious characters in Rebellion's new simulation strategy

Evil Genius 2: World Domination - Meet the playable Genius characters

If world domination is on your to-do list (seriously, life's that bad huh?) then taking a trip to your own exotic island and building a secretive lair is a-must with Evil Genius 2: World Domination.

This satirical spy-fi lair builder sequel to the 2004 cult classic builds on its predecessor's quirky homages to secret agents and super villains with bigger and better gameplay features, as well as new characters, contraptions and deadly devices to tinker with. Choosing the right character that fits with your style and approach to taking over the world is vital - so who should you choose?

Well, some details have emerged on what the characters are like - with more to come nearer launch - so we've rounded up some info on what you can expect to help you decide your virtual wicked self.

Sit back in your comfy chair, stroke your pet animal in a sinister Dr Evil like manner and check out the Genius characters that you can choose from in Rebellion's new simulation strategy.

Red Ivan


When it comes to brute force, Red Ivan - who is voiced by the ever-popular loud figure Brian Blessed - is a sound choice. Returning from the original Evil Genius game where he served as a Henchman, the now-general has somehow lost his left eye and his left hand since the last time that we saw him - with an eye patch and robotic metal hand in their place.

He has three core abilities that players can make use of:

'Do it now!' - This projects an aura around Red Ivan and helps rally minions close by, making them focus on nearby tasks including construction. This aura will also give these minions a combat boost.

Old School - Red Ivan wields a quad-missile launcher for when the going gets tough. Be cautious though as this launcher can cause damage to nearby minions and objects!

Might makes right - Red Ivan has the ability to marshal a large number of muscle minions for a lower cost, and even his regular minions have pretty decent strength.

His Doomsday Weapon is 'H.A.V.O.C', which will results in a base lockdown with minions arming themselves to fend off invading agents, as well as tourists being evacuated from the area.



From ex spy master to criminal mastermind, Emma rules with an iron fist... from a steel seat!

Emma is one of the two new Geniuses added to the game, though she did serve as a Spymaster in the original Evil Genius. Her key tactic is Deception and specializes in handling Henchmen - and her versatile playstyle is beneficial whatever Henchmen you decide to choose.

You might recognize Emma's voice, she's played by Samantha Bond who, ironically given her surname, played Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond movies when Pierce Brosnan took on the role of Agent 007.

Her known abilities so far include:

Pep talk - Emma us able to rejuvenate weakened Henchmen to get them back in the fight.

Emma’s aim is not just to take over the world – she wants to end it!




The parody of original Bond villain Ernst Stravo Blofeld, Maximilian returns in Evil Genius 2: World Domination as a playable Genius. He key focus is having an advanced workforce to cover all possibilities by way of an ability to boost minion training, which allows him both to rapidly gain specialized minions as well as recover much faster from a major loss of a minion type.

If he brings his unique abilities from the original Evil Genius to the table, you can expect a strong interest in scientific research, and a reduction to any cash incentive payment used while doing research.

His Doomsday Device appears to be a molten core rocket which, well, you can imagine how that'll go when he hits the big red button!




Sporting an iconic 60s hairstyle with scientific goggles and a somewhat space-age suit, newcomer Zalika is certainly the brains of the operation. High technology is her bag, and she able to complete research much faster than the other Geniuses, which also effects her Lair and will require more Science minions to keep things running smoothly.

Being intelligent and handy in the science department, Zalika specializes traps as her main defense, being able to both unlock and maintain them more cheaply.

One of her known abilities is being able to use nano-drones to instantly repair and extinguish items within an area of effect.

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