What is the Golden Bundle and How to Win

What is the Golden Bundle and How to Win

By  Andrew Duncan - 19th May 2023

You have questions, we have answers!

What is the Golden Bundle and How to Win

UPDATE: This has now ended, winners will be contacted!

You’ll no doubt have noticed that we have a BundleFest going on at the moment thanks to our sponsorship partner OMEN Gaming Hub! But that’s not all, we’re also pushing hard on this “Golden Bundle” thing, and you might be wondering what the deal is. Well, lucky for you this blog is here!

Put simply, the Golden Bundle is the prize that one lucky person will get. It’s made up of $2,000 worth of PC games & ebooks, and 100 runners up will win a $5 coupon!

How can you win?

Simply put, any bundle that you buy between 1st of May 2023 and 31st of May 2023 gives you an entry to the prize draw! Then, on 2nd of June 2023 check your email inbox to find out if you won!

What’s more, if you gift a bundle then you are entered into the draw! So even if you already have every game in every bundle, and every ebook we have, you can still get a chance to win. Just give your friends a bundle gift!

What is OMEN Optimizer?

The optimizer feature will enhance the performance of your gaming PC for each game you play. The system vitals dashboard feature will display your PC's key metrics in real time, so you can monitor and troubleshoot your system's performance. Grab it here!

So go and check out the great bundles on offer, and get some entries for your chance to win the Golden Bundle!

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