Everything You Need to Know About Warframe's Newest Free Expansion — The Duviri Paradox

Everything You Need to Know About Warframe's Newest Free Expansion — The Duviri Paradox

By  Luz Victoria - 26th Apr 2023

Face the torment of Dominus Thrax — the child king — as you take control of the Drifter and experience this fully customisable character's origin story. Can you survive Duviri in Warframe's newest and biggest expansion since the Plains of Eidolon? Here is everything you need to know to enter The Duviri Paradox as prepared as possible!

Everything You Need to Know About Warframe's Newest Free Expansion — The Duviri Paradox

A Brand-new Beginning

It's time to take control of the Drifter, a familiar character to Warframe veterans, and enjoy a brand-new story set that will tell their origin. Customise them, including changing their body type, voice & facial features, then survive Thrax's torment as you set out on an adventure across the lands of Duviri.

The Duviri Paradox is available as a new quest for veterans to enjoy and also a new opening sequence for newcomers to embark on their journey in Warframe’s ever-growing world. With this in mind, new players will be able to explore this latest expansion, the very best of Warframe as soon as they start the game so they can experience The Duviri Paradox alongside those that have dedicated thousands of hours into the universe.

Die and Live Again

Die and live again as you endure the cruel tortures of the child king. Survive his execution in this colourless world and flee from the lands against all odds. Perish and take a different approach until you successfully escape.

Explore the new massive open-world setting as you embark on Duviri and change your build with each new play session. Earn a different assortment of perks (named Decrees) every time you play. Try out a different approach and adapt as you explore the vast world, then fall and start again — fight against Dominus Thrax and refuse to bend the knee.

A Vast Open World

The Duviri Paradox  features Warframe's newest open-world setting as you explore Dominus Thrax’s domain and survive to the best of your abilities against his overbearing and powerful army. You will die, and to thrive in these lands, you will need to set new spawn points to be able to complete your objectives.

Use the Kaithe as you explore the vast world sprawling across various regions and faraway islands as you set out on horseback... or spread your wings and soar through the skies!

Fight Your Way to Victory

Block, dodge, and parry your way to victory with arduous combat against Dominus Thrax's finest. From metallic knights to the colossal Orowyrm that patrols the skies, you will need to learn new ways to defeat each enemy and gain the upper hand, or fail and try again.

Various Modes

Once you’ve completed the introductory quest, then it’ll be time to make a selection from three different game modes — The Circuit, which is an endless mode for Warframes only; The Duviri Experience, which features the full open-world experience of Duviri; and The Lone Story, which is a single-player narrative adventure.

This new Warframe expansion is released on the 26th of April, and it will be completely free for all to enjoy! There hasn't been a better time to either start a new adventure across the Warframe universe or return to a familiar land. Can you survive The Duviri Paradox?

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