Fanatical Daily

Fanatical Daily

By  Nox - 28th Jan 2023

Fanatical Daily — 28th of January

Fanatical Daily

Hello, everyone!

What a beautiful Saturday it is! And although it’s usually a day of relaxation, we’ve got some cool stuff for you to check out and get hyped for! Without further ado, here’s the overview for today.

Star Deal

  Our newest Star Deal is Rimworld at a 30% discount! 


 Check out the upcoming games with cool pre-order bonuses!

► It's never a bad time to remind you that your chance to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy and get a bunch of cool bonuses (such as two mounts and Dark Arts sets) and — for the Deluxe — a 72-hour early access! 

► Have you already checked Blood Bowl 3's pre-order bonus? You'll get three team logos and an exclusive dice set! And if you get the Deluxe edition, you'll even be able to play the game 48 hours before the official release!


   We wanted to let you know that the Dollar Collections are dangerously close to their ending date! Don't miss out on the phenomenal discounts.

Lunar Sale

  To make sure you don't miss out on any of our phenomenal Lunar Sale deals, you could always browse our on-sale category! Find all sorts of discounts for all kinds of games!


 Check out our blog post about what we hope to see in Starfield that No Man's Sky got right!


 Did you catch our 15% discount on Hi-Fi RUSH? Join the excitement and try the game out yourself! 

If you want to get e-mail notifications for all deals and customised coupons, sign up for them by going to this link and subscribing!

Fanatical Daily

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