Fanatical Father's Day Celebration

Fanatical Father's Day Celebration

By  Luz Victoria - 17th Jun 2022

Thank you for being awesome parents!

Fanatical Father's Day Celebration

It's the time of the year again when we celebrate fathers and give them gifts that they'll underappreciate... No, just mine?

Jokes aside, we at Fanatical love celebrating Father's Day, especially for all of the cool gamer fathers out there who raise their kids with gaming and show them all of the fantastic old titles! Whether you grew up with your father gaming or introduced it to them later on in life and they loved it, why not consider buying them a game as a gift? Find out how to send a Fanatical gift here.

Better yet, much like last year, we'd love to encourage you by offering you the discount code BESTDAD5 to get an extra 5% discount on most(*) purchases! This code is the perfect opportunity to buy your father God of War (2018) to show them how they're cool like Kratos, or buy them Skyrim and convince them to become the next Skyrim grandparent. Make sure to take advantage of this coupon, as it will only last until the 19th of June at 11:59 BST.

Alternatively, consider buying Who's Your Daddy, in which you and your father can reminisce about all of the perilous times you spent together, like trying to stick a fork into the socket! Although that experience might not be relatable for everyone, it can be, especially as you'll be able to pick it up for $1 from the 17th of June to the 20th! No better time to pick it up and give it a shot. Play as the child and try everything in your power to be mischievous while your father tries to save you from certain doom, or turn the tables and see how it might have felt to try to keep him alive; Who's Your Daddy is a great family game either way!

Take the plunge and buy your father an excellent gaming gift today! After all, what better present is there than an experience?

*The BESTDAD5 discount code will not work with Star Deals, pre-orders, or ELDEN RING.

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