Fanatical introduces product user review and ratings system

Fanatical introduces product user review and ratings system

By  Sam Jones - 1st Sep 2021

Find helpful, unbiased reviews from fellow customers - or leave your own!

Fanatical introduces product user review and ratings system

If you're the type of person who likes to read reviews from other customers before making a purchase, our latest feature is right up your street!

We've introduced our new product user review and ratings system, allowing you and millions of other people to have your say on PC games that you've purchased - giving feedback on your experience with the game and whether you'd recommend it to newcomers.

As long as you have a registered account with Fanatical and have purchased a game/s from our store, you'll be able to have your say on great AAA and Indie games - as well as eBook, eLearning and software products - and hopefully encourage others to try some new products based on your reviews.

You might even be privileged enough to leave the first review for a product... we hear that you lot love it when this happens!

How to leave a review

How to leave a review

There a couple of ways in which you can leave a review. Firstly, you can search on the Fanatical Store for the desired game and scroll to the bottom of the page - here you'll see the reviews and ratings so far from other customers, as well as the option to 'WRITE A REVIEW' yourself.

Alternatively, click on 'MY ACCOUNT' at the top of the page (make sure that you're logged in) and select 'My Reviews'. Here, you'll be able to give a star rating out of five and a thumbs up (recommend) or thumbs down (do not recommend), as well as the chance to 'ADD REVIEW' for more detail.

The guidelines

There are a few ground rules when using the user review and ratings system at Fanatical, the primary points are:

- Keep it clean!

- At least five characters

- No competitor information or links

- Focus on this item rather than our site or service.

You can find our full guideline T&Cs here.

When can't I leave a review

When can't I leave a review

There are a few factors that you'll have to take into account when you're looking to publish a review:

- You must have purchased the product from Fanatical on your account.

- Products purchased in Mystery Bundles, Bundles are not eligible for reviews. However, you can review products purchased in Pick & Mixes.

- Products purchased and gifted to someone else via Give A Gift cannot be reviewed. However, products gifted to you can be reviewed.

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