Fighting games with 'one-hit kills' - Our top picks

Fighting games with 'one-hit kills' - Our top picks

By  Sam Jones - 18th Feb 2020

Killer games that deliver swift victories

Fighting games with 'one-hit kills' - Our top picks

Landing a long-ass combo is all well and good, but nothing beats a one-hit kill in fighting games to shock your opponent and claim the moral and statistical high ground.

A number of fighting games have taken this spectacular single strike under their wing, giving players the opportunity to create some entertaining moments with friends and fellow gamers.

Here, we take a look at awesome fighting games that feature some pretty cool one-hit kills.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is pretty intense for most players, and landing this move during a competitive match will be pretty darn tricky. But SFV does in fact include a character who can unleash a one-hit move.

As professional wrestler R. Mika, you can build up her V Skill, pressing both of the Medium Attack buttons, which prompts her to pull out a microphone and perform a wrestling promo.

The longer you hold these buttons down, the stronger her charge and normal throws become. When R. Mika throws the mic away, you've charged up her V Skill enough to perform a one-hit finish.

As the guys at GamesRadar perfectly sum up in the video, this looks like the sort of move you can only pull off if you trick your younger siblings into waiting it out - well played, Capcom, family's have been broken!

Slice, Dice & Rice

Slice, Dice & Rice

Inspired by Bushido Blade, Slice, Dice & Rice revolves around the idea of finding an opening in opponents defense - and ending the round with a single, clean hit. Moves can be cancelled to feint an attack, hits can be parried or dodged, and they can clash with one another.

All of this intense anticipation and quick-thinking creates mind-game heavy gameplay, one that mimics real samurai showdowns. You can play as one of eight characters, all with their own stories and unique fighting styles.

Psst... Slice, Dice & Rice is available in Fanatical's Workshop Bundle Remix now for a limited time only!

Kiai Resonance

Kiai Resonance

In a similar style to Slice, Dice & Rice; Absorb Reality and Flying Interactive's 'Very Positive' Steam rated Kiai Resonance focuses on close-quarter atmospheric battles where one false move can spell defeat. The player can change their katana position at any time to adjust to the opponent's, creating a mind game where you have to anticipate his next attack.

Where Kiai Resonance separates itself from similar genre games is its overall image. The graphics attempt to restore the simple aesthetics of traditional Japanese prints by taking some pictorial elements of its great masters, while imbuing it with violence that characterized the confrontations.

One Finger Death Punch

One Finger Death Punch

Punching, kicking, flipping and slicing countless enemies in one foul swoop - it's no wonder One Finger Death Punch is rated 'Overwhelmingly Positive' on Steam. Taking inspiration from every kung-fu film ever seen, developer Silver Dollar Games has crafted ‘direct connection’ between the mouse and your fighter in a way not seen by many gamers before.

One Finger Death Punch easy to play style and Tetris-esque addictive-ness will keep players entertained for hours. Jump into a kick-ass world with over 250 stages, 13 modes and three difficulty levels.

There are 21 different skills that can be combined in thousands of ways to assist you in your journey to become the ultimate kung-fu. If you’re feeling brave, why not test your skills in the survival mode.

Mortal Kombat 11

Erm... ow!

The Mortal Kombat series has dished up some gruesome and very often brutal attacks, with plenty of limbs being dismembered and the odd impalement. Mortal Kombat 11, the latest title in the longstanding franchise now under Warner Bros control, not only offers up visual wonders of gore and grit, but it also provides you with a spectacular 'what the hell just happened' one-hit finish from brutal warlord Shao Kahn.

His Kounter attack, in which he rushes forward slamming his hammer into the opponent, causes an immediate Fatal Blow.



A simple two-button system, but an effective and entertaining game. In Divekick, it's all about mind games, spacing, timing, and quick reactions as you outwit your opponent into attacking at the wrong moment, opening up an opportunity to deliver a one-hit finisher.

Each of the 14+ characters have their own fighting style, special techniques and storyline, with a special appearance from Saints Row series regular Johnny Gat and Fencer from Nidhogg.

The first hit will win the round, and the player that wins five rounds first wins the game, it's as simple as that.

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