First Generation monsters in Monster Hunter: World

First Generation monsters in Monster Hunter: World

By  Sam Jones - 3rd Sep 2018

The beasts that made the journey from the first game to MHW

First Generation monsters in Monster Hunter: World

The Monster Hunter franchise has come a long way since launching back in 2004, progressing from the PlayStation 2 in North America to becoming a worldwide success.

Fast forward 14 years and the series is stronger than ever, with the 2018-released action RPG Monster Hunter: World becoming not only the best-selling Japanese game on Steam, but also the best-selling game of all time for publisher Capcom. With over 30 large monsters in the latest installment alone, players have led their Hunters into many vast terrains to track, hunt and capture beasts of all shapes and sizes over the years - finding unique and tactical methods of taking down the most challenging of foes to claim the glory among friends, and to grab some valuable crafting materials of course.

From the beginning of the Old World to the adventures of the New World, we take a look at the monsters that came a-roaming in the first game who have appeared in Monster Hunter: World.



It may be a herbivore, but the Diablos is one vicious beast if you step into its territory. The Flying Wyvern has long sharp horns and a club-like tail to prevent being attacked from behind.

The Diablos' main method of attack is to burrow underground and launch itself up to knock Hunters or fellow monsters down, dealing heavy damage in the process.

Other First Generation Diablos species: Black Diablos.



One of the longest-serving 'dragons' of Monster Hunter, the Rathalos is a Fire Wyvern that can appear in the vast majority of areas/eco systems due to being a master of flight. Aside from being able to breath fire and shoot small compact fire balls at enemies, Rathalos' talons are highly poisonous and its tail can be used to bash and stun enemies.

Other First Generation Rathalos species: Azure Rathalos, Silver Rathalos



The female counterpart of Rathalos, the Rathian is another Fire Wyvern commonly seen throughout the Monster Hunter franchise. It is capable of charging up a powerful fire blast and shooting fire balls in quick succession, as well as poisoning Hunters by performing an aerial somersault attack with its tail.

If you happen to stumble upon a Rathian's nest and pick up one of the Wyvern Eggs, chances are you'll encounter this beast very soon!

Other First Generation Rathian species: Pink Rathian, Gold Rathian



One of the smallest Elder Dragons, Kirin is a Phantom Beast (basically a unicorn) that harnesses thunder-based attacks. It's extremely agile and will use this to its advantage in battle, darting around the Hunter before performing close and long range thunder attacks that paralyze and damage Hunters.

Kirin is an easy target compared to some of the larger monsters, but due to its head being the weakest area on its body, players can find it difficult to land a clean hit while dodging attacks.

Other First Generation Kirin species: N/A

Yian Garuga

Yian Garuga

Yian Garuga is a flying monster that has obvious features including a long beak and quite a scrawny physique. It can be found in the forests of the Guilding Lands, and is said to behave similar to the Rathian, as well as being a Fire elemental beast.

Yian Garuga was added to MHW as part of the Iceborne expansion.

Other First Generation Yian Garuga species: Deadeye Yian Garuga, Hardcore (HC) Yian Garuga and One-Eared Yian Garuga.

Struggling against any specific monsters in Monster Hunter: World? Check out our easy guide to fighting large monsters in the game.

First Generation small monsters

First Generation small monsters

As well as the large monsters, there are a number of small creatures from the First Generation that made the trek to the New World for gamers to admire, or harvest for items, in Monster Hunter: World.


A herbivore reptile that has tortoise shell-like armor and a large club tail.


A cow-like herbivore that is docile, but the alpha of the herd will attack if provoked. In MHW, you'll often see these creatures meeting an unfortunate end at the hands of a Great Jagras, which swallows them whole!


A beetle-like creature that has a pounce attack. These bugs have very little resistance to weapons and will often disintegrate if struck with a powerful attack.


A deer-like creature that does not attack Hunters, instead they hop away. After four hops or so, the Kelbi will stand still, making it an easy target for predators.


A pig that is covered in, you've guessed it, moss. They tend to be peaceful creatures, but will use their bone-covered scalp to attack if provoked.


A cross between a mosquito and a wasp, the Vespoid will attack Hunters within close proximity, but can be easily killed. Their sting can paralyze Hunters, and it's advised that those wanting to obtain crafting materials from Vespoids should use slingshot ammo, as even the slightest melee/ranged weapon attack will turn them into dust!

Have you got what it takes to hunt gigantic beasts and solve the mysteries of the Elder Dragons' appearance in the New World? Grab your Monster Hunter: World Steam PC key now - or choose the Deluxe Edition to kit you character out with the Samurai Set armor and extra cosmetics.

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