First Year Guide to Hogwarts Legacy

First Year Guide to Hogwarts Legacy

By  Nox - 15th Dec 2022

Hey you, first year; I got something you might want to read.

First Year Guide to Hogwarts Legacy

You're going to need a lot of guidance when Hogwarts opens its doors to the new year. But don't worry — we've put together some useful tips for you to keep in mind. Just be sure to keep it under your hat and not tell another soul. We went to great lengths to put this together for you!

#1 — Keep your eyes peeled

Hogwarts is so old that it's hard to fathom the amount of history soaked into every room and corridor, so if you're coming to the school looking to really unveil all those secrets, you'll need to look hard. We mean checking every nook and cranny and turning every stone — including in the common rooms!

#2 — Forbidden for a reason

#2 — Forbidden for a reason

If you really want to maximise your time at Hogwarts, you'll have to make use of all of the available resources... even those under lock and key. Don't you think that if they really didn't want us to read those books in the library, they would just take them away? Go on and explore the restricted section — just don't get caught.

#3 — Skeletons in the... roof?

Once you've spent some time at the school, you'll start hearing about the skeleton in Professor Hecat's classroom — Defence Against the Dark Arts. If you really want to be part of Hogwarts, you need to mess with it at least once. It's a rite of passage!

#4 — Heed my warning

#4 — Heed my warning

Once you settle down in school, whatever you do, just avoid Peeves at all costs. You'll know him when you see him — he’s the mischievous and annoying poltergeist. If you give him too much attention, you'll wish you could pack your bags and fly home; seriously, just ignore him.

#5 — Your new go-to!

Zonko's Joke Shop is your one-stop if you're feeling mischievous. You'll find all you need there to cause some proper mayhem! Just make sure to bail from the crime scene before you get caught by any of the professors.

#6 — Become a legend

This is our last little tip for you, newbie — if you want to leave a mark before graduating from Hogwarts, you just have to go to the Forbidden Forest. If you do and you come back to tell the tale... well, let's just say, you'll leave here a legend.

Experience life as a student of the renowned academy and make your hogwarts-legacy-digital-deluxe-edition — your letter is written, and your owl arrives on the 10th of February, 2023!

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