Five reasons why Linux is good for gaming

Five reasons why Linux is good for gaming

By  Declan Barry - 5th Mar 2020

Why you should invite Tux the penguin into your life

Five reasons why Linux is good for gaming

Linux, what's that?

Some of you have probably asked this at some point in the past - you've no doubt seen the little penguin logo next to your favorite games or on software applications and wondered what it all means. Well, Linux is an Operating System, and good one at that - running desktops, servers and embedded systems across the world.

There are a number of different versions of Linux available and it's a great OS for running games on, as millions of gamers will no doubt tell you. Here, we take a look at five reasons why Linux is good for gaming, and why you should consider using it on your own PC.


The way Linux is built makes it less susceptible to viruses than other operating systems. Each program needs authorization before running so your risk of a virus is minimal, which means that you can game to your heart's content knowing you are doing so safely.


Using Windows can lead to a bunch of programs taking up vital memory that can be used for games. Linux is fully customizable, meaning if you don't want a program then you can just delete it!

This can help increase your hard drive space, but also leads to less background programs running.

Better Performance

Speaking of performance, the Linux OS is optimized in a way that it leads to performance gains. If you are the type of gamer who is struggling on a lower end machine, or just one who wants to run everything on max settings, then you can get the best out of your rig by using Linux.

A growing gaming library

Year on year, more games are becoming compatible with Linux. From CS: GO to Cities: Skylines, some of Steam's most popular titles are available on the OS - and with a library of over 14,000 to play, there's plenty of choice.

Free to use

Money is important, if you want to save them dollars to get a new game (or three) then the good news is that Linux is free!

Unlike other major OS', it's open-source and allows you to install with no investment needed.

Check out a huge catalog of Linux games on the Fanatical Store right now!

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