Four Games to Play While You Wait for The Tale of Bistun to Release

Four Games to Play While You Wait for The Tale of Bistun to Release

By  Luz Victoria - 5th Jul 2022

Which games should you check out while you wait for The Tale of Bistun?

Four Games to Play While You Wait for The Tale of Bistun to Release

So, you've heard of The Tale of Bistun; perhaps you played the demo and then decided that you just couldn't wait for its release on the 13th of July? Look no further, for we have you covered! Here are four games similar to The Tale of Bistun that you can use to quench your action-RPG/hack 'n' slash thirst.

#1 — Torchlight I & II

Whether you play the original Torchlight or decide to pick up its sequel, Torchlight II, you'll get a game very similar to The Tale of Bistun! That said, it's worth noting that — although The Tale of Bistun is a narrative-driven adventure inspired by the poem Khosrow and ShirinTorchlight isn't so narratively-driven. Instead, take part in a randomly-generated world in which you get to fight through dungeons and loot for even greater weapons! Better yet, play Torchlight II and experience the game with a friend! If you’re interested in trying out both titles, how about checking out Torchlight I & II Pack and getting an even better price?

#2 — Death's Door

How about, instead of playing a stonemason, you play as a Crow? Okay, I know they're not very similar, but hear me out! Although Death's Door doesn't have the nigh-relaxing gameplay that The Tale of Bistun's demo had, its combat is challenging but highly rewarding. Venture into a world where Death does not visit and battle creatures that have grown past their expiry. In contrast to The Tale of Bistun, Death's Door has a bleak and dark atmosphere that is gorgeous nonetheless!

#3 — Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

How about a little old-school cool? Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a great ARPG despite its age, thanks to the "Anniversary Edition" remake, which fuses both the original Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal and countless Quality of Life improvements into one amalgamation. Better yet, instead of embarking on a journey through Persian myth, battle through Greek mythology by fighting the titans as they escape their prison and wreak havoc. Create your very own unique journey with 28 classes, thousands of pieces of equipment to charge into battle with, a world editor, and even an online co-op to tackle the behemoths of Greece with friends! Not even Phoebe will see this one coming. The fun doesn't end with the base game either, with three DLC available to enjoy after you've finished defeating the titans! Not even the forces of Asgard will be able to stop you as you embark on Titan Quest: Ragnarök DLC, face the Tartarus Endless Mode in Titan Quest: Atlantis - DLC, or fight against the far Eastern gods with Titan Quest: Eternal Embers - DLC!

#4 — Victor Vran ARPG

It's time to take control of Victor and slay the forces of evil with Victor Vran ARPG, a title in which you'll be able to customise Victor to your liking thanks to numerous game-changing outfits, weapons, and abilities to battle through legions of demons and cleverly-built bosses. Tailor how difficult your game will be by taking on hex items, embark on the journey with a fellow demon hunter with online co-op, and receive Tome of Souls DLC, Highlander DLC, Cauldron of Chaos DLC, and Wanderer Outfit DLC for free! These introduce a slew of new weapons, abilities, maps, outfits, legendary tomes, and more to the base game!

The truth is, I could go on about similar games to The Tale of Bistun while you wait for its release, but I've already given you four great ones with countless DLC to boot! Instead, check these masterpieces out, and make sure to pre-order The Tale of Bistun, exclusively on Fanatical, with a 20% discount!

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