Fourth Day of BundleFestive — The Return of Best Collection

Fourth Day of BundleFestive — The Return of Best Collection

By  Luz Victoria - 7th Dec 2023

Saying goodbye to 2023

Fourth Day of BundleFestive — The Return of Best Collection

It's Thursday, my friends!... Okay, that one doesn't have the same ring as Wednesday, but it's still Thursday and the fourth day of our BundleFestive! If you have been making bets on what kind of bundle you would be expecting, then now's the time for the reveal!

Yesterday marked the end of the software, ebook, and eLearning bundles, but that doesn't mean that gaming has to stop! With confidence and joy, I present to you today's bundles, starting with…

Best of Platinum Collection 2023

It's getting close for us to have to bid 2023 farewell. We take this opportunity to reminisce back to the best Platinum Collections that we had over the year! Some of the titles that you most loved in our previous Platinum Collections of 2023 have all come together to create the one, ultimate 2023 Platinum Collection!

You can get this Build Your Own Bundle up to five games for $14.99, and many of your favourites are here! If there were titles you missed out on before, then there is a sliver of hope that they’ll be back for one final Hurrah of the year! Don’t miss out on checking this one out!

That's it for the second-to-last day of BundleFestive, but we still have one final item to celebrate with. Tomorrow, we will unveil the final bundle to join the collection, and we hope you'll love it as much as we do, though, with such a packed BundleFestive, the competition's hard. Find out what we have in store for you tomorrow! And we'll see you then.

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