Frostpunk gets free ‘A Christmas Carol’ update

Frostpunk gets free ‘A Christmas Carol’ update

By  Sam Jones - 24th Dec 2018

Strategy sim gets even more wintry for the Holidays

Frostpunk gets free ‘A Christmas Carol’ update

Life is hard living in an volcanic winter, so spreading a little Christmas cheer is always welcome.

11 Bit Studios has launched a free update for their strategy simulation PC game Frostpunk called 'A Christmas Carol', which is ironic as the game is set within the same century that Charles Dickens' novels were introduced.

With steam generators the only thing preventing the remaining groups of civilization from a icy grave, humanity lies in the balance. As the Holidays draw near, the survivors come to you, the leader of this frozen hell, to ask for ‘A Christmas Carol’ to cheer them up - will you accept their request?

This addictive city-building survival game puts players in full control of their city - from introducing laws and building to managing resources and organizing expeditions to find more survivors. With the new Endless Mode and now the Christmas Carol update, Frostpunk just got a whole lot bigger.

What's included in the Frostpunk ‘A Christmas Carol’ Update?

The Christmas Carol update can be found in the Endless Mode - another free update that was recently introduced by the developer and includes three new maps, two brand new game modes, randomized frostlands, new Archives mechanic and new city decorations - and adds new Christmas themed quest line, a new building construction and new dilemmas.

Additional bug changes and fixes:

  • Fixed an issue when "There was no Waldo" could be unlocked in New Home scenario
  • Fixed an issue when dismantling and reconstructing the Beacon during storm enables you to send scouts when the storm is still raging
  • Fixed an issue where you could upgrade buildings for free
  • Lighting changes and improvements to Faith buildings
  • Lighting changes and improvements to Canyon map
  • Some translation fixes
  • Additional minor fixes and optimizations

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