Games Like Stray To Play While You Wait?

Games Like Stray To Play While You Wait?

By  Alana Dunitz - 12th Jul 2022

Desperate to play Stray? Here are some alternatives for while you wait

Games Like Stray To Play While You Wait?

In June 2020, developer Annapurina released a teaser trailer for their new futuristic cyberpunk game, Stray. The hero isn't your usual futuristic tough guy equipped with cool weapons; instead, it's a cat! When I saw that you could play as a cat, I knew this was a game that I had to play no matter what. I am a massive fan of felines, having two of these furballs myself. Originally, Stray was due to come out in 2021, but it ended up being pushed back to the 19th of July, 2022. I am anxiously awaiting Stray's release, but here are some other titles starring felines that you can play while you wait for Stray to make its grand entrance. 

Catlateral Damage

Calateral Damage has you on a quest to be the most destructive kitty ever, knocking down everything in sight. The more that hits the floor, the more points you get! You get to move throughout the house, finding more special collectables and possessions to smash, including photos. Once you have finished destroying the contents of the house, you can move on to the museum and knock down precious artefacts, including a T. rex skeleton! 

Cat Quest I

In Cat Quest you play as a cat named Hero, trying to save their sister, who Drakoth has catnapped in this crazy open-world RPG. You will meet many furry characters with side-quests that will help you level up and find some epic loot to use in battle. You explore Felingard and its dungeons, defeat enemies, and find clues on the whereabouts of your sister. The game has real-time combat that has you slashing, rolling, and using counter-attacks before you finish the fight with one of your powerful magic attacks — all of which have great names like Flamepurr, Healpaw, and Lightnyan. There is a sequel, Cat Quest II, that I have yet to try it, but if it's anything like the first one plus it has multiplayer so it will be worth playing!

Gato Roboto

This title is the best Metroid-like game that isn't Metroid that I have ever played. At the start of the game, we join an adventurous kitty named Kiki who happens to be flying through space with their owner. Thanks to Kiki stepping on a bunch of buttons on the control panel — like any typical cat would do — the captain has to make an emergency crash landing. The problem is that he is stuck inside the ship. It is now up to Kiki to explore this alien outpost full of enemies and crazy labyrinths. Luckily, an extra mech suit in the ship somehow fits anyone, no matter their species. While on your mission, the captain will talk to you, giving you instructions and hints using your radio collar.

Gato Roboto starts in black and white with crisp pixel graphics that are sure to give a lot of people many nostalgic feelings. The game has a great sense of humour and an incredible chiptune soundtrack to accompany it. Gato Roboto is a game you must play!

No matter what genre you enjoy, there will surely be a kitty-centred game for you to check out. These were just a few of the awesome cat-themed games I will be playing while I wait for Stray to appear on the 19th of July, 2022!

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