gamescom Future Game Show Overview 2022

gamescom Future Game Show Overview 2022

By  Erin McAllister - 24th Aug 2022

The Future Games Show has now become the Past Games Show. But what all happened there?

gamescom Future Game Show Overview 2022

gamescom is officially back in business this year, and with this excitement comes a slew of new conferences, all packed to the brim with a myriad of game announcements. Second up was GamesRadar’s Future Games Show, and here you can catch a brief glimpse of everything that we saw! 

God of War actors Christopher Judge (Kratos) and Danielle Bisutti (Freya) hosted the event with plenty of fun jokes at the ready. 

World Premiere: The Gap

Crushing Koalas and Label This bring us a new first-person narrative experience exploring memory and parallel worlds in The Gap, coming soon.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite: Pathogen Expansion

Cold Iron Studios adds new weapons, missions, gear, and Xenomorphs in this upcoming expansion to Aliens: Fireteam Elite on 30th August.


Collect an array of classic toys and action figures as you fight to defend the Hypercore with a friend in Digital Cybercherries’ HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, coming soon.

The Case of the Golden Idol

Color Gray Games provides a true non-linear detective game and truly murderous mad libs in The Case of the Golden Idol, coming soon in 2022, with a demo out now.


A charming and adorable stealth exploration game in a large city where all snacks have been banned, play as an adorable, snack-craving raccoon in Christian Sparks’ Snaccoon.

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

This Arthurian open world RPG from Awaken Realms Digital enters Early Access on Steam in Q4 of 2022.

World Premiere: Floodland

From Ravenscourt and Vile Monarch comes a world premiere of a world flooded by climate change that we must work to rebuild and survive in. Floodland comes on 15th November. 

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Plot Twist and Rogue Games come together to present a new and very spooky metroidvania where you must uncover what happened to a variety of murder victims in a dark mansion by traversing the world of Limbo. Solve the Lovecraftian mystery in Spring 2023.

A Little to the Left

Tidy up your cute little house before the cat comes in and messes everything up! Max Inferno’s cosy puzzler swoops in on PC and Mac on 8th November, 2022.

Goat Simulator 3

On the beautiful island of San Angora, Coffee Stain North’s newest chaotic mess called a videogame, Goat Simulator 3 will allow you to destroy everything in your path with up to three friends on 17th November.

The Chant

This third-person action survival game from Brass Token combines mind, body, and spirit to bring a terrifying experience once horrors get released from The Gloom in 2022. 

Ereban: Shadow Legacy

With a Shadow Merge ability based on the ability to run around as a shadow on the ground and up walls, Baby Robot Games and Raw Fury’s stealth action title, Ereban: Shadow Legacy will sneak onto storefronts in 2023.

Wizardry: The Five Ordeals

59 Studios is bringing back a 2006 classic and translating it into English for the first time with dungeon crawler Wizardry: The Five Ordeals, available now!


Play with the force of two sisters and become a chimaera in the new demo for Soulstice available now on Steam, with the full game releasing on 20th September.


Aurogon Shanghai and Modus Games showed off a beautifully hand-drawn metroidvania that will be released this Winter.

Deliver Us Mars

Climb around and explore Mars in a sci-fi adventure from KeokeN Interactive on 2nd February.

Phantom Hellcat

Ironbird Creations Studio and All In Games’ third person action slasher, Phantom Hellcat, is coming soon. 

Edge of Sanity

In another world premiere, descend into the darkness at the Edge of Sanity with lantern and axe in hand. Vixa Games’ new title is coming soon in 2023.

Wired Productions - Three Titles

Wired Productions showed off three titles, including two world premieres: Hotel Architect, a hotel builder and sim, as well as Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, a city builder set in a post-apocalyptic world. Their non-world premiere, the Last Worker, a first person narrative adventure in what looks to be a dystopian future, also received a release date: 19th October. 

The Great War: Western Front

Frontier Foundry and Petroglyph present an ability to relive or even rewrite history in this retelling of World War One, releasing in 2023.


In this first person smartphone adventure, act as an update assistant trying to update a phone, despite what the current OS seems to want. Naraven Games’ tragically comedic title releases soon in 2022.

Team17 Presentations

Team17 showed off a number of titles, including Moving Out 2, releasing in 2023; Age of Darkness: Final Stand, in Early Access on Steam; The Knight Witch, releasing Fall 2022; Marauders, releasing in October 2022; Bravery & Greed, releasing in 2022; Hokko Life, releasing on 27th September; Sunday Gold, releasing on 13th September with the prologue available now on Steam; Thymesia, which is out now; and Ship of Fools, releasing on 22nd November.

SCP: Secret Files

GameZoo Studio and Pixmain’s immersive horror sim based on the classic and ongoing SCP Foundation universe is set to release on 13th September, later this year.

World Premiere: Teslagrad 2

From Rain Games and Modus Games comes a stunning sequel to 2013’s Teslagrad, with players having the option to explore an uncharted land full of mystery and ancient power in Spring 2023. 

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

When a group of documentary filmmakers are invited to a replica of a serial killer’s “Murder Castle”, they soon find that they are not alone and not safe in Supermassive Games’ latest entry in their Dark Pictures Anthology, releasing on 18th November, 2022. 

EXP: War Trauma

From Cortez Productions comes a first-person horror experience exploring the horrors of a World War Two veteran’s trauma. The demo is available on Steam now, with the full game coming soon.


Humanity is on the run in this solo and multiplayer post-apocalyptic survival game where you must evade drones and robots to salvage and build a new life. Headlight Studio’s new game is coming soon.

Hellsweeper VR

Vertigo Games and Mixed Realms welcome you to slay horde after horde of twisted souls in the depths of hell, using a variety of elements. This VR title is coming soon.

Stray Blade

Point Blank Games’ new action title puts a focus on crafting weapons by a forge, with a magical Arcane Forge said to have created the most powerful weapons. Make something new in 2023.

Crossfire: Legion Version 1.3 Update

The latest update to Blackbird Interactive’s Crossfire: Legion adds three new units, a high intensity mode, new maps, and a whole new third act to its main campaign. This update is out now, but it will only be the beginning,

World Premiere: God of Rock

Modus Studios Brazil showed off the world premiere for a brand new type of fighting game. Use the power of music and rhythm to defeat your enemies in both local and online multiplayer this Winter.

Lightyear Frontier

Act as an exofarmer in a large mech on a distant planet in your efforts to build a sustainable homestead and grow crop after crop. FRAME BREAK’s new farming adventure releases in Spring 2023.

Layers of Fears

From Bloober Team and Anshar Studios comes the third title in the Layers of Fear series, where you can enjoy a thrilling and psychological horror experience about the obsession of art in early 2023.

System Shock

Return to fight SHODAN in this remake of the classic System Shock from 1994. Blast robots in the depths of space in Nightdive Studios’ remake, set to release soon.

World Premiere: Off The Grid

Gunzilla Games’ battle royale title, Off The Grid, has now released a beautiful cinematic trailer to close out the Future Games Show, with tons of cyborg soldier action. It’s a tad cryptic, but it appears that a Part One is coming soon.

With all that now done, that closes out today’s showing at gamescom 2022. We even got to hear Kratos say “boy” a good couple of times, and who wouldn’t love that?

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