GDevelop's Big Game Jam #5

GDevelop's Big Game Jam #5

By  Andrew Duncan - 22nd Apr 2024

Get your thinking caps on!

GDevelop's Big Game Jam #5

Get ready for an epic showdown of creativity and coding with GDevelop's Big Game Jam! This is your chance to be a part of the vibrant community of game makers and to compete for amazing prizes. Dust off your skills, team up, and bring your boldest ideas to life using the GDevelop game engine — or learn on the go with our Easy No-Code Game Design Bundle, complete with assets!

GDevelop's Big Game Jam is the ultimate arena for gamers and developers to showcase their creativity and coding skills, with a chance to win amazing prizes. The competition invites participants to form teams of up to four and create games using the GDevelop engine, a powerful yet accessible tool for game development available for free download. To ensure a fair and enjoyable competition, entries must adhere to guidelines including browser playability, English language for in-game text, and the prohibition of pre-jamming with pre-written codes or assets not owned by the participant.

The submission guidelines emphasise a clean, inclusive gaming environment with all entries to be submitted via and, ensuring accessibility and a chance to be rated by peers. Participants are encouraged to collaborate, with resources available through the official Discord server for those looking for teammates, and all games must be developed within the jam period, adhering to the outlined content rules to foster a respectful and engaging community space.

Prizes for the top five placements range from in-engine credits to cash, vouchers for Fanatical, software licences, and features on acclaimed gaming platforms, incentivizing competitors with the appeal of not just monetary rewards but also industry recognition. With a deadline set for 26th May, 2024, participants have a significant opportunity to craft their game submissions, potentially following in the footsteps of former winners like Calastrovsk, whose game SPECTRUM achieved over 2 million plays. The Big Game Jam stands as not just a competition, but a celebration of innovation, teamwork, and the vibrant community around GDevelop.

"Join the GDevelop BIG Game Jam #5, co-sponsored by Fanatical, for the chance to win prizes with a value of over $1,000! Also, this could be your opportunity to get a huge audience: Calastrovsk is the developer who won our last big jam with their creation 'SPECTRUM'. The game has now been played over 2 million times across the web! Your game could be the next internet sensation. Join the jam today!"

- Marcos Codas, Marketing Lead, GDevelop

Submission Deadline

The clock's ticking, and the deadline to submit your game is 26th May, 2024. Mark your calendar and start planning today!


The stakes are high and so are the rewards. Winners will walk away with the following incredible prizes:

1st Place:

  • Published feature on CrazyGames
  • CrazyGames physical goodie bag
  • $50 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • FX Tools bundle
  • Spine License
  • $50 cash
  • 5000 in-engine credits

2nd Place:

  • $25 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • FX Tools Bundle
  • $25 cash
  • 4000 in-engine credits

3rd Place:

  • $15 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • FX Tools Bundle
  • $10 cash
  • 2000 in-engine credits

4th Place:

  • $10 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • 2000 in-engine credits

5th Place Prize:

  • 2000 in-engine credits

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on these fantastic rewards!

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