Get a Chance to Win a Steam Deck with Our Mystery Egg Bundle!

Get a Chance to Win a Steam Deck with Our Mystery Egg Bundle!

By  Luz Victoria - 5th Apr 2024

You won't believe it!

Get a Chance to Win a Steam Deck with Our Mystery Egg Bundle!

Last week, we released our Mystery Egg Bundle, and many of you loved it! For today, we wanted to announce something for the mystery bundles many of you seem to be so enthusiastic about.

First, let's talk about our mystery bundle — as we previously said, there are still Golden Eggs to be found worth $1,000 in games; there are still chances for you to get all-new AAA titles in a single bundle! And if you are there for the luck of the draw, we've kept it stocked with all manner of games you can acquire: there are still many individual AAA titles you can get in any one purchase (you don't need a Golden Egg to find AAA titles) and hidden-gem indies to find!

But this time, we have news — everyone who buys (or has bought) the Mystery Egg bundle has been entered into a contest to win none other than the infamous Valve Steam Deck! Worth over $500, anyone who purchases the Mystery Egg Bundle will have the opportunity to win this prestigious console without having to make an additional purchase.

And if you want to enter, you can do it with any purchase of Mystery Egg Bundle! Whether you buy the $1 version to get one game or 20 total items, you're still qualifying and partaking in the contest overall. The contest is available to enter until the first week of May, when the Mystery Egg Bundle bids farewell, and later from then, we'll get in contact with the winner of the Steam Deck and announce it.

You still have a little over a month participate in the Mystery Egg Bundle — stay tuned on our socials through X and Facebook to hear when the competition has closed and when a winner has been selected. Please bear in mind that announcement may come at a later date as we wait for winners to get back to us and give us their information.

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