Take Part in our Spring Sale!

Take Part in our Spring Sale!

By  Luz Victoria - 1st Mar 2024

Too many deals to count!

Take Part in our Spring Sale!

With March arriving and as we leave winter behind, it's time for us to start our yearly Spring Sale! You'll be able to level up your Steam library with discounts going as high as 95% off, with many deals and unbeatable prices, and even some extras that you might or might not see coming!

Let's start with the obvious — we've partnered up with hundreds of publishers to bring you thousands of deals for you to choose from! As we previously said, this is a great opportunity for you to increase your Steam library and get a bunch of great games for you to explore! The discounts go as high as 95%, with over 200 deals featuring at least a 90% discount or more! 

Better yet is the return of our famous Flash Sales, which will give you the opportunity to come back and find exclusive deals you can only take advantage of that same day. We have some high-quality titles coming your way with great discounts on old favourites and new greats, with some of our close partners like CAPCOM, Bethesda, and Bandai Namco providing Flash Deals for you to check out — come back daily to find three new deals at the ready, but don't miss out on them, as the discount will go back to its first Spring Sale price once the Flash Deal period is over! Today, for instance, you can take advantage of the following deals:

Bandai Namco starts the Flash Deals strong with two for you to take advantage of right away — from Tales of Arise at a 69% discount to DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Legendary Edition at a 73% discount! Meanwhile, you can also take advantage of THQ Nordic's Jagged Alliance 3 at a 50% discount, only for the first 24 hours! After these three deals are gone, you'll find another set to take advantage of tomorrow — and every day until the sale ends — at 4 pm GMT!

Flash Deals aren't the only thing we have up our sleeve, however! If your purchase reaches a specific minimum threshold, we'll give you a game of your selection from a list of titles! If you want to learn more about this, don't miss out on our blog talking about the Free Bonus Game for Spring Sale right here!

And finally, we're running a competition for you to win one of the top-wishlisted items that released recently! Looking to possibly get yourself a free, AAA title? Then learn more about that in our competition blog post right here!

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't help you navigate our site better. After all, with so many thousands of deals to choose from, how will you ever find the best deals? Well, we have a list of areas you can go to in order to navigate our site like an expert and not have to miraculously stumble upon the best deals. Such as…

Newsletter: One of the best ways to get informed of the top-performing deals, new releases, bundles, and everything you could ever want is by joining our Newsletter! We share information on some of the best publishers to check out and their best deals, the best and newest bundles releasing, and even VIP coupons for you to take advantage of! It's simply the best way to be up-to-date with everything you could want.

Top Sellers: Another great way to find out what everyone else is enthusiastic about is by heading over to our Top Sellers section! Here, you can find the games sorted by top-selling products! From obscure new releases that you might not have heard of to historical lows in a specific title, the best of the best are sure to appear here, and this category is based entirely on the purchases of Fanaticals around the world!

On Sale Now: If you just want to browse games, you can use our On Sale Now category to find any number of deals for you to choose from! This is where you can browse everything that is on a discount and find a number of other categories, such as Steam Deck Verified, new titles, and even top franchises!

Games Under $5: If you're buying on a budget or are trying to hit the last bit of money to get yourself the free Spring Sale game, then this is a great place to look! Find any deal that has lowered the games to under $5, giving you the perfect opportunity to find anything to fit your budget! Looking for a gift? Looking to increase the price of your cart by a tad? Just short on spending money? This category is pretty much perfect for all of those.

Socials: And finally, if you're a fan of social media, then it might be a good idea to follow us on all of our socials! You can find the deals we thought were best-performing there and updates on how the Spring Sale is going all on your live feed for whenever you're scrolling! From announcements to the latest Flash Deals to blogs like this one that help you stay informed, you'll find it all on our socials! You can find us on X, Facebook, and Instagram — your usual trifecta — but we're also on Steam, Discord, and reddit! Don't miss out on the opportunity to post at us, and let us know your thoughts on anything!

The Spring Sale will be around starting today, on the 4th of March, all the way until the 18th of March, so you have plenty of time to make your carts and decide on your purchases! And, if nothing else, you'll have 42 different Flash Deals to check out over the course of the sale period, so don't miss out on those!

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