Gotham Knights New Trailer

Gotham Knights New Trailer

By  Alana Dunitz - 10th Oct 2022

When the Knight falls, a new guard must rise in this official gameplay launch trailer.

Gotham Knights New Trailer

Developer WB Games Montréal has released a new gameplay trailer showing gamers new footage from Gotham Knights ahead of its release on the 21st of October, 2022. The trailer starts off at Bruce Wayne’s funeral and shows off some beautiful rain effects. We see Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing overlaid with Bruce’s final message saying that he knows they will keep Gotham safe.

We abruptly see criminals racing down the streets of Gotham while they shoot at the police pursuing them. A news report is on the television saying that the police are encouraging residents to stay indoors due to the ongoing spree of kidnappings and homicides. We see gameplay footage of the heroes fighting off the enemies on their own and working together two-on-one — I think this shows what it will be like when you are playing co-operatively with another player. They are going to finish what Batman has started.

Robin is talking to The Penguin; he warns Robin that “they are always watching and always listening,” then we get a close view of a member of the Court of Owls. A member announces that the Court of Owls has “sentenced you to die”, and then we see Batgirl and Robin being pursued by members of the Court. Mr. Freeze appears, warning the heroes that nothing can stop what’s coming.

We see a new version of Harley Quinn with shoulder-length blonde hair fighting against Batgirl with her trademark mallet. We also get our first look at Clayface, who hasn’t shown up in the trailers until now, and whom players haven’t seen since Batman: Arkham City.

Gotham Knights shows off a collection of enemies that fans of the Batman universe will be familiar with, and the Court of Owls that fans of the Gotham television show or the comic books will know. They all look great, and I’m curious to see how they are different from the previous incarnations we have seen. The members of the Court of Owls look very creepy and I am excited to learn more about their story. Due to the sheer number of Owls, they are sure to be a challenge to defeat.

The wait is almost over and I can’t wait to immerse myself in this beautiful-looking rendition of the gritty city of Gotham and the heroes trying to protect it.

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