HITMAN 2 assassinations - The funny and the brutal

HITMAN 2 assassinations - The funny and the brutal

By  Sam Jones - 20th Nov 2018

Pain from laughing (or actually dying)

HITMAN 2 assassinations - The funny and the brutal

HITMAN 2's sandbox-built levels offer the perfect fatal playground when taking on the role of hit assassin Agent 47 - which often results in some pretty brutal and hilarious deaths for your doomed targets.

To celebrate HITMAN 3's release this month, we've decided to search the web for some great footage of assassinations that players can perform. Here, YouTuber Gamer shows his brutal and comical kills from across the six current locations available.

Don't forget to check out our top list of funny HITMAN 2 weapons to use!

Isle of Sgail - North Atlantic

Target/s: Sophia & Zoe Washington

Miami - USA

Target/s: Robert & Sierra Knox

Hawke's Bay - New Zealand

Target/s: Alma Reynard

Whittleton Creek - USA

Target/s: Janus & Nolan Cassidy

Mumbai - India

Target/s: Maelstrom, Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan

Santa Fortuna - Colombia

Target/s: Rico Delgado, Andrea Martinez and Jorge Franco

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