HITMAN 2 - Funny weapons to use

HITMAN 2 - Funny weapons to use

By  Sam Jones - 6th Nov 2018

Hilarious yet deadly tools to use in the upcoming stealth action PC game

HITMAN 2 - Funny weapons to use

Having dozens of different methods to assassinate targets is what makes the Hitman games so addictive, enjoyable and unique no matter how you approach them.

Of course, the upcoming HITMAN 2 will be no exception - sending players to yet more exotic locations with open sandbox levels featuring many missions and challenges, and providing hours of replayability. Aside from the disguises, the Hitman games are known for giving gamers a multitude of weapons to choose from.

These weapons can be anything from hi-tech guns and untraceable poisons to a frying pan and a brick - bear in mind that in the 2016 released HITMAN game, Agent 47 had over 90 weapons at his disposal. Ahead of HITMAN 2's release, we've selected our favorite funny weapons confirmed so far for the upcoming stealth action game.

Fanatical's favorites


It's back, and it's as deadly as ever!

Who knew that an item that many would associate with a relaxing bubble bath could potentially blow you half to hell in an instant. The exploding rubber duck featured in HITMAN 2's predecessor as a quirky remote bomb, so there's no surprise as to why we're seeing it re-emerge once again... you'd be 'quackers' not to give it a try!


Can you smell something?... it's death!

We're not sure what's the funniest part about this weapon of choice - the fact that players can use a fish to knock someone out, or that Agent 47 can store it in his jacket like a slick little pistol. The species of fish hasn't been confirmed, but rest assured, it's a hefty catch of the day and your enemies will feel the (slimy) force of its power at full swing.



Simple yet effective.

Being able to adapt to your surroundings and making use of environmental opportunities will make you the deadliest assassin around. The coconut tree, if timed correctly, can deliver a fatal bludgeoning blow from above, and Agent 47 doesn't have to get up close and personal in order to pull this off.

As you can see briefly in IO interactive and Warner Bros' Tools of the Trade video above, by shooting the coconuts from the tree, Agent 47 can take out an unsuspecting target below.


Buzzkill... or rather buzz then kill!

A proximity mine with an extra kick, the proximity taser can stop any target in their tracks with high voltage shocks. However, to really get the most out of this trusty gadget, Agent 47 should try to place it by puddles and other liquids on the floor (e.g rain puddles, hosepipe leaks).

Not only will this pretty much fry your target, it can also take out multiple enemies who are in contact with the water.


Looks like the toilets blocked... oh, wait it's a person!

Like an overly aggressive school bully, Agent 47 can use an everyday household item and turn into a killing machine. Following an unsuspecting victim into a bathroom (not weird at all) players can dunk their target's heads into the toilet bowl and drown them - wonderful. One things for sure, it's a crap way to go!

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