How to Deal With BTs in Death Stranding

How to Deal With BTs in Death Stranding

By  Luz Victoria - 10th Apr 2022

Have BTs been giving you trouble? Do you need help on how to fight them? Check out this article to find out!

How to Deal With BTs in Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, BTs are invisible supernatural creatures that roam around and hunt enemies by sound, like the Death Angels from A Quiet Place. This system is pretty unique, and the first time I experienced it, I was worried that the mechanic to hold your breath would be tedious or sneaking past them would be too complex. Although the odradek and the BB are supposed to facilitate your time travelling through BT-infested fields, the game doesn’t properly explain how to use these. After a lot of trial and error, I'm here to explain to you how to use BB and the odradek to sneak past BTs safely!

When the odradek is occasionally blinking, it means the BT is fairly far away, and you should be able to safely walk without crouching or holding your breath. Do keep in mind not to sprint nor ride around in a vehicle, as this will alert them regardless. 

When the odradek begins blinking rapidly, it means you are closer to the BT; this is an indicator to begin crouching and moving around more carefully, as moving any faster will risk alerting them. When the odradek starts doing this, you can stand still for a while to use the power of BB to see their outlines; keep in mind this isn't possible when BB is suffering from autotoxemia. Should that occur, you'll need to traverse without seeing them.

The odradek will begin to spin rapidly when you are dangerously close to a BT; at this time you must crouch and start holding your breath, as anything else might alert them. Do not move unless you are holding your breath, and move in the opposite direction that the odradek is facing until it returns to the previous stage, lest you alert them. 

If a BT notices you — an inevitable circumstance with a game this large — you'll need to prepare to hide. After an audio cue, footprints will begin appearing on the floor moving in the direction of Sam's last known area; this doesn't necessarily mean you've been caught yet, as you can still leave the search range of the BT and continue as normal. Although you can sneak around until you've escaped its scouting range, you can alternatively leg it to the edge of the BT area if you're close enough.

Once Chapter 2 is finished, you'll begin unlocking blood weapons that allow Sam to damage and kill BTs by sacrificing his own health. Although this sounds daunting, the damage dealt to BTs is massive compared to how much damage Sam takes, making it a great alternative.

Trust us when we say, fighting BTs is not nearly as frustrating as it sounds, as Death Stranding is absolutely worth checking out! 

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