Hunt the Night - What Is It?

Hunt the Night - What Is It?

By  Alana Dunitz - 17th Apr 2023

Hunt the Night is a retro-inspired, dark fantasy action-adventure title that has you playing as a member of “The Stalkers” a group of humans fighting the creatures of the Night who annihilate humanity every time the sun sets, will you learn how to use the darkness to survive?

Hunt the Night - What Is It?

In the 9th Age of humanity, humans rule the day, but as soon as night comes, the horrible creatures come out to slay them. A group known as “The Stalkers” was trying to harness the powers of the dark and fight off these monsters with no success. The group has found an artefact known as the “Seal of Night” which allows them to live in an everlasting day in exchange for a blood oath that The Stalkers were willing to pay. For many generations the sun ruled, bringing hope to the people. But as fate would have it, the Night has returned, extinguishing every single source of light.

Take on the role of Vesper, Stalker and daughter of the traitor, as she travels this dying land and tries to save what is left of humanity while the shadows threaten to take over the world and her mind.

Hunt the Night releases on the 13th of April, 2023 and if you love 2D action-adventure titles with a unique story, fast-paced combat, or hunting down beasts and creatures of the night, this title is going to be one you will want to check out!

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