IO Interactive's new James Bond game will have original 007 and storyline

IO Interactive's new James Bond game will have original 007 and storyline

By  Sam Jones - 7th Apr 2021

You won't recognize the Bond starring in this brand-new action title

IO Interactive's new James Bond game will have original 007 and storyline

We've seen the likes of Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan portrayed as James Bond in video game form in recent years - so what would it be like to take a fresh approach and not include any of the iconic actors who have taken on the role?

Well, that's the plan for IO Interactive with the studio's upcoming Bond game, currently under the alias as 'Project 007'. The developer is no stranger to stealth action and espionage, given the success of its 21-year strong HITMAN franchise - and with its next exciting project, the team is creating something not seen in any James Bond game before, with an original Agent 007 and storyline.

Image credit: Activision

Speaking to IGN in a recent interview, IO Interactive CEO and co-owner Hakan Abrak stated that the Bond character in its game would not be based on the likeness of previous 007 actors, and will take inspiration from all aspects of James Bond's history to create something new and unique.

"It's important to mention: doing a licensed game is new to us," says Abrak in the interview. "We've only done our own, original IPs (intellectual property), right? We've created these characters... ourselves, from scratch.

"So, I think for us to really embrace this fully, and really, as I said before, we don't like to work 'mechanical.' It's not just because it's a big IP, or it's a licensed game, and commercially this is interesting... It means nothing to us. We've taken a lot of non-commercial risks before.

"So, for us, it's about... we need to feel it, deep inside. The passion needs to be there, so it was very important for us that it wasn't a movie adaptation. So, it wasn't a game about... a specific movie, where the story has already been told."

Image credit: Activision

Abrak also went onto talk about the importance of creating a strong gaming franchise for James Bond, for a new generation to enjoy.

"It's very important that we could create a digital Bond," he continued in the IGN interview. "A Bond for the gaming industry... So it's a completely original story. This felt really, really important for us and we conveyed that to [James Bond owner] EON and they agreed that the result would probably be better doing it like that.

"There's always excitement around a new Bond. It's amazing, what they have done with the franchise over the years. Every Bond kind of defines a generation and it's amazing how they kept reinventing themselves over so many years.

"So, we're not only inspired by one movie, or games and whatnot. We're inspired by the whole thing, and just sucking things into us to make an original Bond, an original story, but that is absolutely true and recognizable in the values there is in Bond. I'm really looking forward to creating a new community that the gamers can call their own."

It's a refreshing change to hear that IOI will be bringing us its own Bond and story, but let's hope that there are a few iconic car chases and over-the-top antagonists hellbent on world domination thrown in for good measure!

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