Japanese Yen now accepted on Fanatical Store

Japanese Yen now accepted on Fanatical Store

By  Sam Jones - 2nd Apr 2020

Accurate currency rates on the best game deals

Japanese Yen now accepted on Fanatical Store

ようこそ (Yōkoso!)

That’s welcome in Japanese, and you’re probably wondering why we went with this intro - well, we’re proud to announce that the Japanese Yen currency is now accepted on the Fanatical Store!

What does this mean for our customers who shop with this currency? It means that you’ll get accurate conversions and pricing on our many awesome deals for AAA and Indie games, bundles, eBooks and eLearning products.

In Q1, we saw a YoY uplift of 88% customers and 195% new customers from Japan, and many of you have requested that Fanatical add the Japanese Yen to our range of currency options already available including the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, GBP and Russian Ruble.

With such a variety of currencies available to use on the Fanatical Store, you’ll be able to enjoy the latest and greatest games at the right price. Where better to start than checking out our top deals and exclusively curated bundles right now!

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