Jingle Jam 2023 Launches

Jingle Jam 2023 Launches

By  Andrew Duncan - 1st Dec 2023

Get games and more by donating to charity!

Jingle Jam 2023 Launches

Jingle Jam 2023 is here to make waves in the world of gaming and charitable fundraising, launching with an unprecedented giveaway of games, including a brand-new release! We here at Fanatical are proud to be supporting them again.

This year's event promises two weeks of exciting and heart-warming livestreams across multiple channels. The annual Jingle Jam Games Collection is back, offering over 70 Steam games for a small charitable donation of £35, making it perhaps the greatest collection yet. What’s more, buying the Games Collection gets you a spin on our Fanatical Jingle Jam Wheel, where you can claim prizes like Fanatical discounts, Starfield, Lies of P, or one of our Star Prizes! Give it a spin and you might win a brand new OLED Steam Deck, or an Elgato Streamer Kit* worth over £900! We're so happy to be able to add something to this already staggering collection.

A standout moment for this year's event is the release of the brand new game Make Way, from Secret Mode, included as part of the Games Collection! You’ll also get game codes for Lacuna, Monster Prom, Cat Quest, Homeworld Remastered Collection, Trifox — the list goes on and on! If that’s not enough, there is even a discount code for 40% off at Displate!

Over the past 12 years, Jingle Jam has encapsulated the spirit of giving, raising an impressive £23m for various charities. This tradition continues with the 2023 event, where content creators, gamers, and supporters worldwide will have access to the Games Collection as a fundraising reward. The event runs until 14th December, with the Games Collection being limited to 100,000 copies. This year, they’re hoping to exceed last year’s donations and create an even bigger impact for the 12 supported charities.

Jingle Jam 2023 is more than just a gaming event — it's a global celebration of charitable giving, where the love of gaming brings people together to make a real-world difference. So, let's get gaming, and give back this holiday season with Jingle Jam 2023!

*The Elgato Streamer Kit contains:

  • Mic Bundle (Wave DX, Wave XLR Mic Arm LP, XLR cable)
  • Stream Deck +
  • Facecam Pro
  • Ring Light

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