Journey to the Savage Planet - Meet all Predator and Prey creatures on planet ARY-26

Journey to the Savage Planet - Meet all Predator and Prey creatures on planet ARY-26

By  Sam Jones - 31st Jan 2020

Journey to the Savage Planet - Meet all Predator and Prey creatures on planet ARY-26

Journey to the Savage Planet - Meet all Predator and Prey creatures on planet ARY-26

All creatures great and small, and smelly... and dangerous - there's plenty to discover in sci-fi action-adventure Journey to the Savage Planet.

The first game from V1 Interactive sees you journey across the planet ARY-26 surveying four different Biomes, scanning and recording 190 items as part of your mission to decide whether this world is fit for human habitation. Among the many things to discover are alien lifeforms roaming the planet and, if you can locate them all, you'll scoop the Zoologist achievement/trophy.

Here, we take a look at the 30+ creatures that you'll encounter in Journey to the Savage Planet, and what characteristics you can expect when encountering them.



There are 21 confirmed Predators in Journey to the Savage Planet.

Barfer - This creature's only ability is to barf consistently.

Boomerbang (Feral) - This creature can spin its wings at 200 RPM, giving it a greater sense of control.

Boomerbang (Hermit) - A reclusive creature that will strike if provoked.

Cragclaw - A challenging lobster-like predator with huge claws and 'foot long' dagger-sharp teeth.

Floopsnoot - A small flying creature that can extend and retract its coiled tongue for long distance attacks.

Floopsnoot Matriarch - The 'Mother of all Floopsnoots', this predator uses asexual reproduction to spawn the many Floopsnoots you see across planet ARY-26.

Insectoid Swarm - Pesky bug-like creatures that are controlled by a matriarch through a combination of her pheromones and the fluttering of her wings. Kill her, and the swarm will disperse.

Jellywaft (Inferior) - If a jellyfish and an octopus somehow made a baby, it would look like this. This floating predator can disperse a cloud of ink.

Jellywaft (Prime) - Very similar to the Inferior Jellywaft but bigger in size and much more aggressive.

Kapyena (Battle) - A four-legged predator with dog-like characteristics and an armored skull shaped like a Xenomorph's head.

Kapyena (Widow) - A smaller version and different color of the Battle Kapyena, we think it's female - although we haven't got close enough to have a 'look'.

Meat Vortex - A large carnivorous plant with a particular taste for Pufferbirds.

Pikemander (Desert) - Hulking lizard-like creatures that perform quick and dangerous rolling attacks.

Pikemander (Marbled) - Similar to the Desert Pikemander with razor-sharp teeth and a near impenetrable hide.

Porcupod - This shell-like creature shoots spikes in every direction when threatened.

Infected Pufferbird - Well, it's certainly not cute and friendly like its uninfected counterpart. It's explosive and toxic and... well, just keep your distance!

Schnozo - A shy creature with puffed up lips that acts like a whack-a-mole.

Slamphibian (Grizzled) - A frog-like monsters with strong arms and a hot temper.

Slamphibian (Heath) - An even bulkier version of the Grizzled Slamphibian - he's been hitting the space gym.

Sproutlook - Bulletproof and able to create a barrier of thorns from which it launches attacks.

Teratomo - A ghastly creature created as a result of too many conflicting strands of DNA and pollution.



To date, you can meet 16 different types of Prey during your travels.

Baboushka - One of the most harmless creatures you'll encounter. Each of its four heads only has a quarter of a functioning brain... it's an idiot basically.

Baboushka (Demi) - Similar to its Baboushka counterpart but this one only has two heads... still just as much of an idiot.

Baboushka (Quarter) - Again, similar to the Baboushka and Demi Baboushka, but this one has one single head. So, maybe not as much of an idiot?

Burglesnatch (Balmy) - A cute raptor-like creature that likes to steal things you want and run off down a tunnel you'll never be able to get down.

Burglesnatch (Tundra) - A wintry version of the Balmy Burglesnatch, still likes to steal just as much as its counterpart.

Imperial Scarab - A well-armored crustacean that requires specific hits to weaken it.

Maroon - Huge googly eyes and an even bigger mouth. It looks like a weird Snapchat filter.

Mesmertoxin - An ugly organism that detects nearby threats using outstretched feelers and releases toxic spores if a threat moves too close.

Osmotic Cube - A big green cube of jelly-like materials... nothing more to say about this one really.

Pufferbird (Alpha) - A hardened alpha of the Pufferbird species. It becomes enraged when Pufferbirds are attacked close by and explodes up on death, so stand back.

Pufferbird (Cave) - This creature has a paler, snow-like coat compared to its counterparts due to a lack of natural sunlight inside the caves.

Pufferbird (Snowy) - Instead of feathers, this type of Pufferbird has leathery skin to withstand the cold, as well as tusks that formed instead of a beak.

Pufferbird (Valley) - An evolutionary branch of the common Pufferbird that has supposedly wizened with age.

Skipper (Royal) - Looks like a goldfish with spinach for fins.

Skipper (Scotch) - A darker coloured version of the Royal Skipper, both of which have glowing light on their foreheads like an anglerfish.

Skipper (Tortoiseshell) - A brighter, angelic version of the Royal & Scotch Skipper.

Ready to explore ARY-26 and uncover never-before-seen alien lifeforms? Grab your official Journey to the Savage Planet key now from Fanatical!

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