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Killer Bundle 15 kicks off BundleFest - Plus more announcements

Killer Bundle 15 kicks off BundleFest - Plus more announcements

By Sam Jones

Killer Bundle 15 kicks off BundleFest - Plus more announcements

By Sam Jones - 15th Feb 2021

Headline and support acts revealed - with contests and awesome deals also being announced

Killer Bundle 15 kicks off BundleFest - Plus more announcements

It's here! BundleFest - the biggest bundle event on your calendar - has returned and what a line-up we've got in store for you.

This week, we'll be launching a host of fantastic, exclusive bundle collections for you to lap up for your ever-expanding game libraries - featuring returning favorites and new bundles never seen before. Of course, day one of any festival needs something to get the crowd roaring, and our first major headline act is no disappointment!

Below, you'll find information on the latest announcements during BundleFest, so you'll always know which (virtual) stage you'll need to visit each day!

Pick and win a deluxe bundle!


We're giving five gamers the chance to scoop a bundle of deluxe Steam PC games including exciting upcoming releases, as part of our BundleFest event. Enter now!

Day One headline act - Killer Bundle 15

Killer Bundle 15... the wait is over! Introducing a brand-new, must-have collection featuring eight Steam PC games.

With our Killer upgrade, you can unlock DiRT Rally 2.0’s Year One Pass content, featuring Seasons 1 to 4 and Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack... it’s a no-brainer!


Pondering whether to buy it? Here are five reasons why you should buy the Killer Bundle 15!

Day one support act - Mega Bundle 2


Treat yourself to a monolithic collection of fantastic Indie Steam PC games with the brand-new Mega Bundle 2!

This 20-strong selection will have you venturing into puzzle-filled worlds, testing your trigger finger in fast-paced shooter action, fighting against evil cyberpunk corporations and so much more. With plenty of highly-rated Steam titles included in the mix, you’ll be spoilt for choice when adding this bundle to your games library.

Day Two headline act - Build your own Festival Bundle


No wellies or pitch-up tent required! Keep your gaming party going for hours and choose your own line-up of awesome games with the Build your own Festival Bundle!

Day Two support act - Assassin's Creed Build your own Bundle


Join the Brotherhood and create your own roster of epic stealth action-adventure games from one of Ubisoft’s formidable franchises with the Assassin's Creed Build your own Bundle!

Through the power of The Animus, a hi-tech machine that allows users to live out memories of descendants through DNA strands, you’ll witness the ongoing battle between the Assassins and the Templars across multiple historical plots, unearthing secret treasures of unspeakable power and influence.

Spin to Win - Win games, spending sprees and more!


There are some cracking deals on our store, but you want more. We're also giving you the opportunity to get an extra treat when you spend on the Fanatical Store - welcome to our Spin to Win!

Day Three headline act - Build your own Anime Bundle


You have the power to choose your own line-up of ‘anime-zing’ Steam PC titles with the Build your own Anime Bundle. With 18 games to choose from (featuring seven new-to-bundle) you’ll embark on grand adventures and meet a colorful list of characters from one of the world’s most popular genres.

Day Three support act - All Stars 13 Bundle


Great games at an unmissable price! Add leading names to your library with the All Stars 13 Bundle!

This collection brings together some top-rated and well-known Steam PC games, including a variety of different genres, for one starry-eyed price that you don’t want to miss.

Day Four headline act - Backstage Mystery Bundle


Go behind the scenes and discover a huge array of great Steam PC games that’ll give your library the VIP treatment with the Backstage Mystery Bundle.

With top titles from big publishers including Deep Silver, Square Enix, and Curve Digital, this virtual pass lets you find amazing AAA or Indie PC titles with just a few clicks.

Plus, there’s also the chance to find fantastic spending sprees to use on the Fanatical Store - ranging from $5 to $100!

Day Four support act - Myth Bundle


Turn folklore into reality in your games library with the Myth Bundle - featuring seven Steam PC games at a ridiculously low price!

With an emphasis on action, adventure and role-playing, you’ll discover unique fantasy worlds and witness stories beyond the average person’s perspective and imagination.

Day Five headline act - Platinum Collection Build your own Bundle


It’s the ultimate gamer's choice. Select your distinct line-up of quality Steam PC games with the February-March edition Platinum Collection Build your own Bundle!

Day Five support act - Rytmik Ultimate Bundle


Powerful tools are at your disposal, it’s time to shape and create your own music with the Rytmik Ultimate Bundle! Get access to over 750 digital musical instruments allowing you to create everything from short music clips and soundtracks to your Friday night playlist.

Killer Bundle 15 kicks off BundleFest - Plus more announcements

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