Mechanics That Make Stray the most Accurate Cat Simulator Ever

Mechanics That Make Stray the most Accurate Cat Simulator Ever

By  Mike Crewe - 17th Jul 2022

A paw-fect game for cat lovers!

Mechanics That Make Stray the most Accurate Cat Simulator Ever

Stray is an upcoming third-person (third-cat?) adventure game in which you play as a cat trying to reunite with its lost family. That sentence alone is enough to draw comparisons with some classic Disney movies and their unexpected emotional moments: for example, the opening of Oliver & Company, anyone? But wait! Put down those tissues, because Stray is shaping up to perhaps be the greatest videogame representation of the life of a cat yet!

Putting aside all the science-fiction elements of Stray — I get it, a flying robot companion isn’t high on the list of realistic cat simulator features — there is actually quite a bit already shown in gameplay footage that shows the game has absolutely nailed the characteristics of a typical cat. In one video, we see our feline friend washing itself, with such detailed reference-based animations that I imagined a cat in a motion-capture suit recording them. Smaller details, such as the light wag of a tail or eyes adjusting to the in-game lighting, are further touches that bring this furry adventurer to life.

But what good is playing as a cat if you’re not nimble and evasive? Luckily that isn’t an issue here, as you’ll be climbing and leaping around the futuristic cityscape, as well as using your environment to stay hidden! A cat’s best friend, the humble cardboard box, is just one such example of the stealth options you’ll find in Stray, so it’s time to get thinking like a cat!

Finally, we have smaller mechanics that are what truly make Stray the most accurate cat simulator of all time! Featuring a dedicated meow button (which is probably used to distract patrolling enemies, but you best believe I’ll be spamming it!), the ability to mark your territory by scratching, and potentially the most important mechanic in the game: sleeping!

With an interactive and immersive world to explore, a host of feline abilities, and one adorable main character, I can’t wait to get my paws on Stray when it releases on the 19th July, 2022!

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