Meet the Characters in Harmony: The Fall of Reverie

Meet the Characters in Harmony: The Fall of Reverie

By  Danielle Angel - 12th Jun 2023

Aspirations & humans.

Meet the Characters in Harmony: The Fall of Reverie

Harmony: The Fall of Reverie is finally upon us, and if you've been intrigued by the idea of the game's Oxion mythos, including its god-like deities — the Aspirations — and its various human characters you'll interact with, then you've come to the right place! Introducing (most) of the cast of Harmony: The Fall of Reverie!

It's worth noting that this is entirely spoiler-free — key characters throughout the narrative are kept vague to protect readers from suffering from spoilers. Read without fear, Oracle!


One of the first characters you will stumble upon in your adventure is Bliss, the character that introduces you to the Aspirations and your overall role as Harmony, the new Oracle.

For one of the oldest Aspirations in Reverie, Bliss is a childlike persona, leading herself with innocence and joy. She is the incarnation of childhood and child dreams and plays the role of juvenile love and care.



The incarnation of willpower, leadership, and strength, Power carries himself with pride of being a trustworthy and powerful Aspiration. Fighting back the void and nightmares that surround Reverie, he has expanded the world for his kin and ensured they thrive.

He isn't as scary on the inside, though! From a big, burly, tall, and terrifying man to a seemingly docile leader, Power only cares to protect those he loves, and can sometimes seem aggressive whilst doing so.


The first human you will come into interaction with is the sweet and loving Nora. She plays the role of Polly's younger sister and will continuously require your support and care — after all, who wouldn't want to protect her? Although you aren’t blood-related, Nora and Polly were raised together through the bond that Nora’s grandfather and Polly’s mother formed.

Her soft demeanour aside, however, Nora is a morally driven person... she just lacks the self-confidence to carry herself with the required confidence to lead a group. She's known you since childhood and may be the only person you wholly know to be your ally on this journey.



Selfishness is a word not in Bond's dictionary — as the personification of connection and strength in numbers, he is the kindest of the Aspirations and hates the idea of war and conflict. He lives through the eyes and feelings of others — empathy is the right way to his heart.

He was once a multitude but became part of a single entity so he could better interact with the other Aspirations and contribute to communication between them. How thoughtful!


Bar-owner, nurse, member of the city council, though Polly and Nora (and you) call him Grandad. Although Polly and Nora are not related, Laszlo became a close part of her family growing up — he took the responsibility of protector not only to sweet, innocent Nora but also our protagonist.

Strong-willed and headstrong but with a soft heart inside, Lazslo will stop at nothing to ensure those he loves are safe and alive — very influenced by Power himself!



Weaver of prophecies, the holder of the Book of Facts, Truth is an Aspiration that has long since disappeared from Reverie and was shattered in their home by unknown forces.

Find out who — or what — broke apart Truth and for which reason. You will be in the pursuit of truth to find out what happened to them!


Chaos is a peculiar deity. They are the oldest of the bunch, the one who created Reverie, and has the power to transform it... but whether they actually care to is the question.

Chaos lives in the here and now, and everything — both before and after — is just a construct. They live free and happy, they are creator and destroyer, and they only live for the little pleasures in life.



The previous heart of Reverie, and an Aspiration that has mysteriously disappeared. No one knows where she is and no one knows what happened to her, but it'll be your job to find that out and see what transpired to her disappearance.

Polly / Harmony

And finally, the protagonist — Polly, as known in the real world, is a troubled woman who left her home in search of freedom. She's never gotten along with her mother and goes back to search for her once she's gone missing.

She isn't the strongest-willed protagonist, but that's part of her charm — she is a scared human with the powers of a goddess, and she does her best at manoeuvring this dynamic between her, the Aspirations, and even her family. You won't be disappointed to have her along for the ride!

With a vast majority of the cast laid out in front of you — who are you most excited to meet? Find out when Harmony: The Fall of Reverie is out now on Steam & Nintendo Switch and 22nd June 2023 for next-gen consoles PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series.

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