Meet the Characters in Lies of P

Meet the Characters in Lies of P

By  Nox - 14th Aug 2023

Time to meet your maker…. Geppetto!

Meet the Characters in Lies of P

We are very excited for the upcoming grim and gritty soulslike title, Lies of P, so to pass the time, we decided to introduce you all to the characters we'll be all meeting throughout the story... both good and bosses! Let's start it off with the good guys, shall we?


We’d be lying to say Pinnochio isn’t the character we’re most excited for, and we wouldn’t want our nose to grow! Our protagonist is the titular character, the perfect and most advanced puppet created by Geppetto. A master of various weapons, he will embark on a quest to find Geppetto and free Krat from the city’s destruction by the hand of the Puppet threat. Pinocchio has a unique metallic arm that he can use in combat in unique ways, offering new approaches to battle and giving you the capability to experiment with various builds, both in terms of weapons and traits.


The next character is Geppetto — the beloved and fatherly puppeteer who makes our protagonist in all the iterations from Disney to Lies of P! What stands out the most to us is his gentle expression and saddened eyes as he carries the burden of what he calls his destiny. Anyone who is smitten by his character design will also be interested in knowing that he’s heavily inspired by the art director’s Father in Law, who shares a similarly lovely face! We cannot wait to unravel more of his backstory and watch him come to terms with his fate.


We don’t know much about this character, even though we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with her in Lies of P’s hub — she seems to be the Blue Fairy from the original Pinocchio taken to this soulslike, Belle Epoque setting that NEOWIZ has taken with the art direction.


Gemini is one of the most interesting takes the developers had on the Pinocchio cast, as this blue ghostly lantern that hangs from our protagonist’s belt is actually inspired by the lovely voice of conscience we all know better as Jiminy Cricket. This take on the little fellow really fits in well with the gothic art style! Just Pinocchio’s original companion, Gemini helps the player by offering tips and information throughout the journey!


Likely inspired by Eugenio from Pinocchio, Eugénie won’t be the typical bully that fans have come to know her to be, as instead this weapons master will be responsible with upgrading everything for Pinocchio, including his weapons, fusing them to create new ones, and even upgrading his metallic arm to give it more combat functionality.


Aside from having a haunting character design with a fantastic mix of pale colours, we also know Antonia is the owner of the Krat Hotel and an old friend of Geppetto. She believes that most people fail to realise the power of the Krat, and it is also said that she knows every secret there is to the city. This powerful-looking character surely seems the type to be a big ally for all of us in our journey!

The Puppet Threat

Finally, you will take control of everyone’s favourite puppet and fight against your own kind — the rampant puppets that have been overtaken and waged war on Krat. While a lot of these are simple foes to dispatch with ease, guard puppets, special ones, and even the biggest of enemies will prove to be a formidable threat to your life and the safety of Krat. You will need to use a mixture of dodges and parries to survive through the overrun city and come out on top. But puppets, although your main threat, they won’t be your only one…


The third rule of The Grand Covenant ensures that all puppets must protect and serve humans and the city of Krat… but you won’t abide by this. Scattered throughout the world, you’ll find various human survivors, many of which will be out to kill you, as they perceive you to be dangerous due to the Puppet outbreak. You’ll have to break The Grand Covenant to save your creator — Geppetto — and the surviving humans in the Krat Hotel, but whether that will come with consequences… only time will tell.

These are all of the characters we’ve had the opportunity to meet throughout the Lies of P demo and world! We hope to befriend and behead many a friend and foe when the game releases on the 19th of September, or 16th of September for owners of the Deluxe Edition. Learn more about the editions here!

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