Meet the Heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Meet the Heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

By  Danielle Angel - 3rd Dec 2022

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Meet the Heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns' release is just around the corner, so maybe it's time we start discussing the heroes a bit more! If you're looking to learn more about all of the playable characters in the game (at the time of writing, as we will be skipping the Legendary Edition-exclusive Venom, Storm, Deadpool, and Morbius), then you've come to the right place! In order of unlocking, here are all of the characters you'll be able to take advantage of!

The Hunter

Story: Resurrected after centuries due to their fight with Lilith — their mother — you'll be accompanied throughout all of your journey by The Hunter (yes, that is their name!). Either a male or female, according to player choice at the start of the game, you'll be able to embark on a journey, customise them to your liking (including their outfit inside of the Abbey and their combat outfit), and even get unique skills depending on the dialogue choices you make throughout!

Gameplay: The Hunter is a versatile character that'll adapt to the player's choices. By going the Dark path and choosing all related forms of dialogue and attacks, you'll unlock DPS-oriented cards to help you out on your quest by dealing damage. Meanwhile, if you follow the path of the Light, you'll open numerous support and tank abilities, a convenient route, as no other character fills the role of healer.

Doctor Strange

Story: After suffering a harrowing accident, Doctor Stephen Strange lost the capability of using his hands beyond what modern medicine could heal. So, he set out on a journey to find other means of healing, stumbling upon the Ancient One in the mountains of Tibet and working towards becoming the next Sorcerer Supreme.

Gameplay: The Sorcerer Supreme takes the role of a Heroic-based character with numerous support abilities to encourage aggression. Equipped with multiple handy artefacts from the Sanctum Sanctorum, you'll be able to use relics to your advantage to deal high amounts of damage whilst playing a role as a sub-support. His playstyle depends on using support abilities (such as refunding the last two attack cards) to build up his Heroic and enhance all of his abilities.

Iron Man

Story: Genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Tony Stark is equally known for his intelligence and wealth as much as his ego, all of which he's happy to show off at every opportunity. Tony Stark is part of the Avengers, and thanks to his trusty suit, he does his best to keep everything as technologically-advanced as possible.

Gameplay: Tony Stark's suit includes a slew of abilities to match just about any need — every solution has a problem, or so goes the Stark motto! Iron Man's cards can get bonuses if you use your redraws on abilities to gain extra effects, including mostly adding Knockback or Forceful Knockback functionality to attack cards. A great environmental-based fighter with some support abilities that help others shine, too, such as adding both Mark (returns a card when the marked target is killed) and Vulnerable (50% extra damage taken) status effects. He has an overall very well-rounded playstyle, though he'll mostly work as a Heroic-based support (generating a lot of Heroic with his attacks) and environmental damage dealer.

Captain Marvel

Story: Before her time as Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers was the Head of Security for NASA. Due to an incident involving a piece of alien technology, a part of her Kree lineage developed and awakened her dormant superpowers. 

Gameplay: Carol Danvers takes a unique role and hogs all of the glory up with her tank abilities and offensive attacks. Using three Captain Marvel abilities in the same turn grants the free Go Binary! card to increase her damage and give her an exponential shield to defend against attacks, making her a great offensive and defensive choice. Her Binary state remains until her shield expires, so keeping her shield up by using other attacks (and taking advantage of the significant power boost) is a great way to maximise on both defence and offence, and makes her one of the best offensive tanks thanks to her high-damage abilities.

Nico Minoru

Story: After discovering that her parents were members of an evil group of dark wizards and her mother promptly tried to kill her with the Staff of One, she absorbed its powers. After it later re-emerged, she realised the potential she had with it and how she could say a phrase and cast a powerful spell.

Gameplay: Nico Minoru's Staff of One has unpredictable results at times, so most of her cards are affected by the "Roulette" status, making them have a different effect every time you draw them. For offensive attacks, this means that Nico Minoru can go from doing medium damage to high numbers that are able to one-shot even characters with high health (though never villains... they just have too much HP!). You can also build her as a buffer and debuffer, with her Staff of One and roulette abilities offering almost every buff and debuff available in the game for you to give your heroes and villains. Use Strengthen (increase damage dealt by 50%) and Fast (remove Heroic cost by one) or apply Stun (stop enemies from acting), Marked, or Vulnerable to enemies! It's all up to luck.

Magik (Illyana Rasputina)

Story: Illyana Rasputina is a mutant that was born in Siberia, though was tricked at a young age by a very powerful demon (whom we daren't mention) who led her into the otherworldly realm of Limbo, where she learned to use her mutant powers to create portals that transcend space and time.

Gameplay: Magik stands as one of the most fun heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns, having numerous abilities focused heavily on environmental combat. Reposition enemies with her portals to Limbo and make them hit hazards in order to bring down other foes; keeping a keen eye on the environment will make the most of Illyana's powers. She has a heavy AoE-focused deck with very few support abilities, which instead work to buff her attacks or create portals to launch enemies across the battlefield. Proper use of her abilities can swiftly end turns before they're even started, and she's a great DPS addition to just about any team.

Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)

Story: Robbie Reyes was an average mechanic in Los Angeles before he made the dreadful mistake of taking the Hell Ride to a street race. After being killed by a local gang, Robbie Reyes was brought back by the Spirit of Vengeance, making him the newest — and perhaps, most reluctant — host.

Gameplay: Robbie won't be accompanying you to your battles, as instead, you'll be joined by Sparky, Robbie's Spirit of Vengeance! Sparky's abilities include numerous high-damage skills at the cost of defence, as he'll oftentimes damage himself in the process, too. By slaying numerous enemies in a single turn, he gets a chain card that increases its Heroism cost and chain length (and thus, damage) to bring about true vengeance to your enemies! His high AoE and pit into the depths of Hell that you can knock enemies into makes him great for handling groups of enemies, especially when you have several knockbacks to benefit from, such as pairing him with Magik.


Story: Eric Brooks' mother got bit by a vampire during childbirth, and thus it made him a Dhampir, half-man, half-vampire hybrid that can walk in the day. Growing up hating vampires, Blade used his powerful abilities to become a fearsome vigilante that hunts the hunters.

Gameplay: Blade the Dhampir is always hungry... or so it seems with his cards! Blade uses a mixture of chain attacks, the Bleed status effect (deals damage at the start of a turn), and lifesteal (heal equal to the damage dealt) to become a pretty great fighter. Deal with numerous hordes of Soulless, Lilin, or Hydra with ease with his all-around kit, focusing on high-damage cards that can be focused on either wave control or single-target damage thanks to chain attacks!


Story: Are you tired of hearing Spider-Man's origin story? Well...

Peter Parker, a young man from Queens, New York City, gets bit by a radioactive spider and gains spider-like abilities. This pushed him to the path of becoming the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to fight crime and protect the innocent! And what happened to Uncle Ben? Well...

Gameplay: When talking about environmental damage, Peter Parker will be one of your best choices, if not Illyana! Use his web slingers to hurl enemies around or swing them against each other, and get several support abilities focused on environmental combat, such as removing their Heroic cost and increasing their damage dealt. With several chain attacks and environmental cards, Spider-Man's focus is best set on the hordes of enemies that get thrown your way, with rather abysmal single-target damage.

Captain America

Story: Steve Rogers was merely a boy that wished to do well by his country during World War II, and he fought hard to be part of the military to defend against the Axis forces. He was given the opportunity to utilise the experimental Super Soldier serum, which would give him superhuman abilities. Now, in modern times, Captain America is the leader of the Avengers, driven by the ideals of freedom and justice.

Gameplay: Steve Rogers takes the lead as the tankiest tank! Focused with numerous Block (additional health bar) abilities and AoE taunts, you'll want to take him with some of the squishiest members of your team to take full advantage of his taunt abilities. He isn't any chump himself, however, as his damaging abilities are hard-hitters and all-around, especially whenever being dealt to enemies already targeting him. Single-target, AoE, and tank abilities, Captain America will fit in just about any party, and fill several roles within it, too! And who wouldn't want to take him? What with him having America's buttocks!

Wolverine (Logan)

Story: Logan is a mutant that was born with the ability to rapidly heal from any injury and grow bones from his knuckles to work as claws. After becoming a test subject for Weapon X, his entire skeleton was infused with an indestructible metal called Adamantium, making his mutant powers all the more menacing.

Gameplay: Logan's role on the battlefield is... perplexing. Aside from filling nearly every role in combat (aside from support), Logan fits well into every team composition. With lifesteal to match Blade's, chain attacks to match Spider-Man's, taunts and sustain with self-heal, you'll be able to build him whichever way you need him to. If you're not playing Wolverine, you're doing something wrong!

Scarlet Witch

Story: Wanda Maximoff was born in Transia in the shadow of Mount Wundagore. Her powers were already great, as she was destined to be the Scarlet Witch, but she quickly became even more powerful after receiving the touch of Chthon, making her a powerful source of Chaos magic that can channel dark magic so powerful that it can alter reality itself.

Gameplay: Wanda Maximoff's abilities allow her to dwindle down numerous foes on the battlefield with effects that trigger after enemy turns begin. Her capability to buff, debuff, and deal damage to numerous enemies allows her to become a formidable ally on the battlefield, taking the role of a damaging support!


Finally, there is a final, unannounced hero you'll be able to take control of! We're not allowed to disclose that sort of information, so you'll need to head on out to find out who the final, unannounced hero is! If you're eager to find out, make sure you check out Marvel's Midnight Suns!

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