Meet the main characters in Little Nightmares II

Meet the main characters in Little Nightmares II

By  Declan Barry - 9th Jan 2021

Nightmarish creatures await you in the horror-platformer sequel, but you won’t be alone in your journey

Meet the main characters in Little Nightmares II

An eerie return to the Little Nightmares universe is not that far away with the Little Nightmares II release on February 10, 2021.

However, which characters will you be encountering in the dark horror game? Here is an overview of the two, yes that’s right, TWO, main antagonists and the nightmarish villains that will be in the game.



The protagonist of the game. Mono is a young boy that wears a brown paper bag on his head, only seeing through two round eye holes.

In the game, his mission is to journey to the Signal Tower and stop its transmission with the help of Six.

Fans of the first Little Nightmares may note that Mono can jump higher than Six, and can lift heavier objects whilst also being quick and agile. This makes him able to perform tasks in the game that Six won’t be able to, such as using a stick to avoid the forest’s traps and attacking smaller enemies.



The protagonist of Little Nightmares, Six, is back and donning her iconic yellow raincoat once again in Little Nightmares II. In the first game, she managed to escape the Nest and then the Maw in the Secrets of the Maw DLC. Now, in the sequel, she will accompany Mono to the Signal Tower after being rescued from The Hunter’s house by the young boy.

The AI-controlled Six will help Mono overcome challenges and point him towards the next objective if he gets stuck. For example, in our preview playthrough, we saw Six trying to lift a board off a door as Mono fights terrifying hand monsters.

The Thin Man

The main antagonist of the game. The Thin Man is the person behind the transmission causing the distortion of the Pale City, and the character that Mono and Six are trying to reach in the Signal Tower.

A tall, slim character, he will be chasing Mono throughout the game with his blue-grey suit allowing him to blend into the shadows. The appearance gives off a black-and-white movie vibe which was commented on by the Little Nightmares community as he was shown off in the end credits of the Secrets of the Maw DLC.

The Hunter

The Hunter

Living in the Wilderness outside of the Pale City, The Hunter is the first villain you encounter in the game as you help rescue Six from his clutches. 

Hunting with a battered, double-barreled shotgun and a lantern light, The Hunter is an opposing figure that wears a green coat, boots, and a Gatsby atop of his head. Like Mono, The Hunter covers his face, but with a sack instead of a brown paper bag.

In the game, he has an obsession with taxidermy, as shown by the decorations in his house, and can be seen skinning animals in the game.

The Teacher

The Teacher

A sadistic woman who teaches a class in the School. She controls 'The Bullies' seen roaming the halls thanks to her strict personality.

Her old school appearance references her teaching methods, with a gray skirt, and a beige shirt matching her wrinkled face. The Teacher also has the terrifying ability to extend her neck to great lengths, allowing her to find and catching troublemakers and intruders alike.

This is similar to The Janitor in the Little Nightmares Secrets of Maw DLC, who could extend his arms.

The Doctor

We experienced the scary Hospital ourselves in a short demo and The Doctor is the one behind the nightmarish experiments in the Hospital. Responsible for detached, living hands, and the corpse-mannequin amalgamations, The Doctor is a massive man who crawls on the ceilings of the Hospital.

Pale and huge, he is an imposing figure that will use his ability to crawl on the ceiling as an advantage when stalking his prey.

The Ghost

The spirit of a young boy, The Ghost is made up of interference from the Signal Tower. Not much is known about this character’s gameplay mechanics, but he will be found in the Hospital alongside the Doctor.

Dressed in a shirt and pants with torn suspenders, the character’s interference makes him corrupted. It is hard to see any details due to him being made up of lines of a blue/black color, the interference also sees shards of the character surround the body.

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