Meet the Main Characters of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Meet the Main Characters of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

By  Bex Prouse - 18th Jan 2024

So, who will be defending you in court? Who will you be facing off against? Find out who you can expect in the case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy. 

Meet the Main Characters of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Anyone who knows about Ace Attorney knows there’s a specific cast of main characters in each game. To help you get to know who your defence, prosecutor, and co-counsel are, we’ve made this handy guide so you know who you’ll be facing or meeting. Not only can you expect some newbies to join the fray in the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, but you’ll also recognise some familiar faces from the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. 

Apollo Justice

Apollo Justice is a young defence attorney who is called in to defend our former protagonist, Phoenix Wright, after he’s accused of murder. In the beginning, he is mentored by Kristoph Gavin, but following the trial, he joins the Wright Anything Agency, where he works under Phoenix.

During his time working for the Wright Anything Agency, he regularly works with Trucy Wright, the teenage daughter of Phoenix Wright. While working with her, he discovers that he has the ability to perceive when a person is lying by the tightening of his bracelet, which he has had his whole life.

With these abilities, Apollo is able to face off against other prosecutors, such as Klavier Gavin and Simon Blackquill, and becomes a senior lawyer to fellow attorney Athena Cykes. 

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

The protagonist of the previous trilogy, Phoenix Wright, is a former attorney who is accused of murder at his job, where he is both a pianist and a star poker player. Seven years ago, he lost his job as a defence attorney after being accused of fabricating evidence. He appears to be a good friend of Apollo’s mentor, Kristoph Gavin.

With his daughter, Trucy, they run the Wright Anything Agency, and after this, he hires Apollo as the Agency’s first defence attorney due to his not having an attorney badge. After the events of the first game, Phoenix does get his attorney’s badge back after re-taking the Bar Exam and also serves as a mentor and boss to the new attorney, Athena Cykes.

Previously, Phoenix has worked with the likes of Mia and Maya Fey, Miles Edgeworth, Franziska von Karma, and Ema Skye. One of the reasons for his success is the use of his Magetama, a stone that allows him to perceive when someone is lying to him, allowing Psyche-Locks to appear, which he can break with the right evidence. 

Kristoph Gavin

Kristoph Gavin is a successful defence attorney who is in charge of the Gavin and Co Law Offices. He is also the mentor of the young Apollo Justice and the elder brother of the rockstar prosecutor Klavier Gavin.

Following the events of the first episode of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, he is no longer the boss of Apollo, and it appears that he is hiding something. But what kind of relationship does he have with his friend, Phoenix Wright? 

Trucy Wright

Trucy Wright

Trucy is the mysterious daughter of Phoenix Wright and a professional magician. Despite being a teenager, Trucy is well aware of her father’s past as a defence attorney. However, fans may notice that Phoenix is only in his 30s, and there was no daughter in the previous games, as mentioned by Detective Ema Skye.

As the game progresses, Trucy assists Apollo in his trials due to Phoenix stepping away to focus on his own private projects. With Trucy’s help, Apollo can better understand his powers of perception, as Trucy has similar but stronger powers.

But who is Trucy Wright really, and how did she come to become Phoenix’s daughter? All of this can be revealed in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. 

Klavier Gavin

Klavier Gavin is a rockstar prosecutor with a distinct German accent. He is the younger brother of one Kristoph Gavin and is a regular opponent against Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright. However, his passion lies not only in prosecuting but also in his time as a successful musician of the rock group The Gavinners.

Described by Detective Skye as a “glimmerous fop”, Klavier is known for having an ego, and it’s a source of frustration for everyone. However, despite his arrogance, his goal is not simply to win a case but to pursue the truth of who the real criminal is. 

Ema Skye 

Ema Skye 

Detective Ema Skye first made her appearance in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy as a teenager whose sister was accused of murder. Having approached Phoenix for help, she served as his co-counsel of the case and even taught him more about the beauty of forensic science as a teenager.

Despite not being a forensic scientist as she dreamed, that doesn’t stop Ema from pursuing scientific avenues to solve each crime. With her knowledge of forensic science, she supplies Apollo and Trucy with tools to investigate evidence at the crime scene while also ensuring the accused has a fair trial.

Unfortunately, Ema often works with the “glimmerous fop” Klavier Gavin, and the two regularly butt heads with one another. However, her goal is to find the true culprit of each crime while also stressfully consuming her snacks to handle the stress. 

Athena Cykes

Athena Cykes is a young defence attorney and the newest member of the Wright Anything Agency. Known as an eighteen-year-old prodigy, Athena not only studied law but also psychology to better understand how to represent her clients. Over time, she has worked with both Apollo and Phoenix in cases and has sought their advice to defend her client.

However, there is something mysterious about Athena, as she is haunted by a case from her past. She became a defence attorney to save someone, but who? All we know is that she has some kind of link to Simon Blackquill, a prosecutor whom she will face on different occasions and who is also aware of her own past.

Like Phoenix and Apollo, she has a mysterious ability. With a strong sense of hearing, Athena can hear the discord in the hearts of anyone around her, and she can pinpoint any conflict they may have with the help of Widget. 

Simon Blackquill 

Simon Blackquill 

Not only is Simon Blackquill a prosecutor, but he is also a convicted murderer. For each trial, he is escorted from his jail cell and monitored by Detective Bobby Fulbright. Due to his fearsome reputation and his knowledge of psychology, he is able to twist the perception of the judge, which makes it impossible for Apollo to perceive any tell-tale signs of lies from the witness.

Blackquill is known for speaking in a British accent and often threatens to cut down the defence. However, no one knows why he is currently in jail. As he is in court, he is known for doing his own thing and has befriended a nearby bird, Taka, who will attack witnesses and the defence if he believes they are out of line.

It’s believed that he has some kind of link to Athena Cykes and that he is said to represent the current “Dark Age of the Law”. Despite this, he is willing to accept the truth to find who is truly guilty of the crime committed. 

Bobby Fulbright

Detective Bobby Fulbright is a police officer who has a strong sense of justice and is known for having an incredibly cheerful disposition. He loves to show off his badge and is regularly referred to as “Fool Bright” by Simon Blackquill.

For some reason, Fulbright is unaffected by Blackquill’s threats and is also the one person who can stop him from possibly rampaging in the courtroom. To do this, he simply has to shock him. The nickname “Fool Bright” is surprisingly accurate, as Fulbright isn’t known for being the sharpest tool in the shed and is immune to both praise and threats.

He has a surprisingly good relationship with Athena and Apollo, and despite often being on opposing sides, he is happy to assist them when it doesn’t interfere with his investigation. 

Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

Not only is Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, an international prosecutor, but he is also a monk and an old friend of Apollo Justice. The two were raised by his father, Dhurke, an attorney. His belief is that prosecuting a criminal will also bring solace to their victims.

Living in Khura’in, he faces off against the likes of Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena, and despite being raised with Apollo, they don’t see one another as brothers. Instead, he typically views defence attorneys as co-conspirators in their clients’ crimes. However, despite this, he wanted to change the way the law works in Khura’in.

Rayfa Padma Kurha’in 

Rayfa Padma Kurha’in is the crown princess of Kurha’in and a royal priestess who can perform a Divination Séance. She doesn’t seem to trust Phoenix Wright, and because of that, she follows him around to ensure he doesn’t tamper with any clients.

Using her abilities, she is essential as part of the Khura’in criminal trials, as she can reveal the final memories of the deceased to be witnessed by those in court. 

Maya Fey

Maya Fey

Maya Fey will make her return in the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy after having left to continue her spirit medium training. Previously, she worked as Phoenix’s assistant and is the younger sister of his late mentor, Mia Fey. She lives with her cousin, Pearl, and she is currently in Khura’in to finish her spiritual training.

Maya has plenty of experience in the courtroom and has both assisted and been defended by Phoenix on numerous occasions. 

Winston and Gaspen Payne

Both Winston and Gaspen Payne are brothers and prosecutors who are incredibly similar in appearance and disposition. Many fans of the Ace Attorney series will recognise Payne as being the first prosecutor that the Wright Anything Agency will face in court. They serve as the introductory case to learn about the gameplay.

While Winston appears in the first trilogy and in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Gaspen replaces him in Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice and is a regular pain for our defence attorneys.

Miles Edgeworth

Miles Edgeworth

Returning in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is the famous prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, who is also the childhood friend and rival of Phoenix Wright. The son of a famed defence attorney, he’s both faced and been defended by Phoenix in court before and is well aware of his power as a defence attorney.

During the games, Miles became an international prosecutor and is currently working with Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, having hired him to join his prosecutor’s office. 

The Judge

Last but not least, we have the Judge. The Judge is unnamed but is known for being sensitive about his lack of hair. He has been a regular appearance in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and continues to have a role in the later games; however, he is replaced by a Khura’in counterpart in Spirit of Justice.

Knowing the Judge, he can get confused at times, but despite this, there is no doubt he is an iconic character in the franchise and a great source of comedy. 

There you have it! These are all the key players of the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy. If you want to meet them, why not pre-order the game here at Fanatical? While not all of them may have a particularly large role, these are, without a doubt, the characters you need to know. 

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