Monster Hunter Rise reviews - What are the critics saying about the game

Monster Hunter Rise reviews - What are the critics saying about the game

By  Guest - 12th Jan 2022

They've spoken... the scores are in for Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise reviews - What are the critics saying about the game

The latest installment to the Monster Hunter franchise is here and the reviews are flooding in.

So what do the critics say about Monster Hunter Rise that will make us want to hunt down over 70 large and small monsters?

Well, from the critic scores so far, it's going pretty well!

What have the critics said so far?

What have the critics said so far?

At the time of writing, Monster Hunter Rise had scored 'Generally favorable' reviews on Metacritic.

Den of the Geek - "An excellent port that presents a solid, complete experience. Super fast load times, improved performance and a ton of content make Monster Hunter Rise on PC the definitive version." - 100/100

Gamespot - "Improves on what was already a fantastic game in almost every way." - 90/100

PCGamesN - "Thanks to a beautifully realised setting and some genuinely innovative combat additions, Monster Hunter Rise is fun from start to finish. If you haven’t played a Monster Hunter game yet, this is the best one to start with." - 90/100

Screen Rant - "Monster Hunter Rise looks better on PC, runs better on PC, has more control & online options on PC, and arrives with more content at its respective launch." - 100/100

Games Machine - "Monster Hunter Rise was an excellent chapter of the series on Switch, but the PC version plays in a completely different category. If you liked Monster Hunter World, you'll love Rise. Yes, even if the thought of starting all over again terrifies you." - 94/100

RPG Fan - "A hundred hours in, Rise does feel a little rote. The lack of quest variety and endgame options besides grinding for talismans has begun to wear on me somewhat. But the journey of getting to this point has been nothing short of an incredible experience. From zipping through the air to bludgeon monsters in the face to setting out on gathering runs with my trusty palamute, the minute-to-minute gameplay of Rise is impeccable. The only real issue with Rise is that there isn’t more of it, but with plenty of future updates and an entire expansion on the horizon, this is surely just the beginning of what this game has to offer." - 92/100

PC Gamer - "Monster Hunter: Rise is arguably the greatest entry in Capcom's flagship series, and a game that simply never stops giving." - 90/100

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