More About Nightwing and Red Hood in Gotham Knights

More About Nightwing and Red Hood in Gotham Knights

By  Andrew Duncan - 15th May 2022

Find out more about the original two Robins

More About Nightwing and Red Hood in Gotham Knights

With Batman dead, the rest of Gotham’s protectors have to pull their weight. Well, the latest trailer for Gotham Knights showed off some of what the first two men to take on the mantle of “Robin” are capable of: Nightwing and Red Hood.

Across the 13 minute trailer we saw some of what makes Gotham what it is. Darkness, police sirens, and rampant crime, as a gang of thieves attempt to break into an ATM. Nightwing swoops in on his glider named The Flying Trapeze, his unique method of getting around the city. As Nightwing fights thugs, Red Hood uses his traversal ability to join in, literally jumping across the block using his Mystical Leap.

As the two fight, they build up their momentum bars, allowing them to pull off powerful abilities once full. Nightwing with his acrobatic close combat style, and Red Hood with long-range non-lethal firearms. Towards the end of the fight, they even pull off a team-up attack which sees them work together to incapacitate a larger foe.

With the crime resolved, we see them leave the scene before the screen fades to black, to be replaced with Red Hook chasing after a van on the Batcycle. He fires his handgun at it while trying to dodge attacks, before pulling alongside the van and ripping the door off. He kicks the guy out, then leaps from the van as it crashes to a stop on its side.

In the fight that ensues, we see more of Red Hood’s attacks such as a concussive bomb which he can put on enemies before shooting it at a later time to explode it. He leaves the area via grapnel, and we’re on to the next scene.

The trailer cuts to The Belfry, the base of operations for the Gotham Knights. It has all four heroes’ costumes (Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood), a training area, a workbench, and a number of computer monitors. Using the Batcomputer gives you access to the map, where you can continue the story, or just find things to do around the city. Before leaving on his mission, Nightwing visits the workbench while game director Geoff Ellenor explains how to gather crafting blueprints and crafting materials.

There’s a brief cutscene between Red Hood and Nightwing, before Nightwing uses fast travel to get to his next destination. It’s basically a giant version of his personal glider. Speaking of which, he uses The Flying Trapeze to make his way to his destination, The Powers Club.

We see Nightwing sneak into the club and knock out some guards with his takedown moves, then use Augmented Reality vision to look for clues. There’s a time skip and we see Nightwing fighting a roomful of guards, where he uses his Elemental Shockwave ability to defeat them before heading down into a secret underground area for another fight.

Things switch to allegedly the same fight but with Red Hood, which appears to be in a completely different area. He then takes on a Talon Gladiator — a stronger opponent than the random Court of Owls members that we’d seen before. It goes on for quite a while and seems to be a lot more difficult to gain the upper hand, but the Gladiator is eventually defeated.

Red Hood moves through a passageway, finding someone in need of help — before a cage closes around him, ending the trailer.

So if that’s got you excited for Gotham Knights, make sure to add it to your wishlist now!

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