Mortal Kombat 11 - Top brutal fatalities

Mortal Kombat 11 - Top brutal fatalities

By  Sam Jones - 2nd May 2019

Our pick of the brutal yet genius killer moves in the latest Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 11 - Top brutal fatalities

When we think of Mortal Kombat, one of its standout features is being able to perform brutal fatalities that gives your opponent very little (no) chance of getting back up for another round.

Since 1992, players have witnessed bone-splitting, organ-exploding finishers across a series of MK games, which are prompted by a specific sequence of moves at the end of a fight as the demonic voice bellows 'FINISH HIM!... OR HER!'

If you've got the stomach for it, we've handpicked a few of our favorite brutal fatality moves that can be used in Mortal Kombat 11, the latest highly-anticipated arcade-style fighting game from NetherRealm and Warner Bros.


Character: Baraka

Fatality move: Food for Thought (close range)

PC controls prompt: A, S, A, I

First up, Baraka pulls his opponent's face off to reveal their muscle and googly eyes before pulling the front of their skull off. Next, he uses one of his retractable arm blades to stab his opponent's brain out of their skull and then proceeds to eat it... yummy!

Going out with a bang(s)

Character: Jacqui Briggs

Fatality move: Spider Mines (mid range)

PC controls prompt: D, A, D, K

Jacqui runs toward her opponent firing off three spider mines, which hit them in the knee, stomach and shoulder. She then shoots an additional two spider mines into her opponent's eyes before activating a device on her wrist which detonates the mines in order of their use.

The opponent loses their leg, gets chunks blown out of their torso and, finally, their head explodes!

Gotta go fast!

Character: Kabal

Fatality move: Road Rash (mid range)

PC controls prompt: A, D, S, D, K

No cream is going to help this stinging pain... Kabal uses his hook blade to drag his opponent at incredible speed along the ground, friction burning their face off and dis-attaching their eyes. He then throws the enemy across the screen before speed running to the other side to meet them with one hook blade - slicing their body clean in half as they hurtle away.

Take me for a spin

Character: Jade

Fatality move: Pole Dance (close range)

PC controls prompt: A, D, S, D, J

Jade spins her opponent around and knees them in the back to arch them backwards before placing her pole under their head - she then extends it, which bursts through the enemy's eye. She then teleports in front of the opponent and uses her blade to slash their lower body clean off, before giving the upper body a gentle spin around the pole.

Bugg-in' me

Character: D' Vorah

Fatality move: New Species (close range)

PC controls prompt: A, D, A, K

D' Vorah begins her fatality by stabbing her opponent in the shoulder with two of the four pincers from her back, before spewing a disgusting amount of 'spawn' into their mouth. The enemy falls to the floor in a seizure-like motion, followed by a rather gruesome mutation. Four pincer type legs grown from the torso, while the lower part of the enemy's body is pulled from the upper body - the sequence ends with their head being sliced in two as an insect head emerges... still hungry?

The ultimate sacrifice

Character: Kotal Kahn

Fatality move: Totem Sacrifice (close range)

PC controls prompt: A, S, A, K

Kotal begins his fatality by summoning a totem altar before kicking his opponent into the side of it. He then runs towards the enemy and kicks their head, which partially disconnects the head from the neck.

With one final kick, Kotal Kahn stretches the head and the upper spine out of the body and across the altar, before summoning a totem skull statue, which falls on the enemy's head and dismembers it from the rest of the body.

Need a hand?

Character: Geras

Fatality move: Peeling Back (close range)

PC controls prompt: S, D, A, J

God-like Geras begins by summoning a wall of sand behind the enemy before punching them with his transformed 'sand fist'. He then kicks them into the wall, trapping them in the sand, and then proceeds to rip the skin and muscle from their left arm across the body - causing the front half of the opponent's body to rip clean off with their organs flying through the air.

See, this is what happens when you try to mess with time!

He stuck his hand where?!

Character: Johnny Cage

Fatality move: Mr. Cage's Neighborhood (close range)

PC controls prompt: D, A, S, S, L

Brutal but, in typical Johnny Cage style, hilarious. Cage begins his fatality by punching the opponent, causing them to turn 180 degrees with their back to him. Next, he punches his left hand into the back, gripping their spine, before kicking the lower body away from the upper body.

A spotlight appears above his head as he performs a ventriloquist act with the enemy before a rotten tomato is thrown at their head for his below par joke... talk about a bad PUNCH-line.

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