The Story Leading Up To Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

The Story Leading Up To Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

By  Bex Prouse - 17th Jan 2024

Need a refresher before playing Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy? Then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! 

The Story Leading Up To Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Are you interested in playing Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, but you’re not sure whether you need any first-hand knowledge of how to play it first? Then don’t worry because we’ve got just the handy guide to help you out. 

See, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a collection of three games, which are all sequels to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. However, if you haven’t played all the Phoenix Wright games, then that’s okay! We’ve written up the story leading up to Apollo Justice for you to peruse if you’ve never played Phoenix Wright before or you’d just like a brief refresher before diving in.

The Origins of Phoenix Wright

As a child, Phoenix Wright was friends with two boys: Miles Edgeworth and Larry Butz. Miles was the son of the Defence Attorney, Gregory Edgeworth, while Larry was the class troublemaker and was the reason Phoenix was once accused of stealing Edgeworth’s lunch money, leading to Edgeworth defending him in a class trial. These events would remain with the young Phoenix Wright, who would continue to think about studying law, but it wouldn’t be until much later that he would do so.

No, Phoenix wouldn’t seriously consider studying the subject until he is in university when he is accused of murdering a classmate of his. It was during this case that he met his future mentor, Mia Fey. Mia was the defence attorney in charge of his case and successfully confirmed the true killer who had tried to frame Phoenix for their crimes. After this event, Phoenix asked to study under Mia, and with that, the two would eventually work together. 

During this time, Phoenix would start his career working under Mia, and his first case was while defending his own childhood friend, Larry. Larry has always had a penchant for trouble, and in this case, it finds him in a court of law. As a rookie attorney, Phoenix is given advice by Mia to defend Larry for the crime of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Cindy, and with Mia’s expertise and his own knowledge, he is able to confirm his childhood friend was innocent. 

However, his career wouldn’t be simple, as not long after his trial, Mia is murdered, and the accused is her sister, a spirit medium by the name of Maya Fey. Phoenix defends Maya in court, and while there, he meets his childhood friend, Miles Edgeworth, after he moves away following the tragic death of his father, Gregory, to live with Manfred von Karma and his daughter, Franziska. 

While Miles is undefeated, Phoenix is able to ruin Miles’s perfect record by defending Maya in court, and in thanks, she becomes his assistant at the Wright and Co. Law Offices. 

Wright and Co. Law Offices

Wright and Co. Law Offices

With Maya’s help, Phoenix and she solve multiple cases together, often facing off against Miles in the courtroom. However, this wouldn’t always be the case. After so much time facing off against Miles in court, he eventually ends up defending him when he is accused of murder.

Miles’s case isn’t straightforward, and it brings back a lot of old memories, which leads Phoenix to go even further back to discover the truth behind the death of Gregory Edgeworth. While Miles is left shaken by these events and what they mean for him, Phoenix wins the case, but Maya returns to her hometown to continue her spirit medium training. 

During this time, Phoenix continues his time at Wright and Co. on his own and is approached by a teenage Ema Skye to defend her sister in court. Lana Skye is the head of the prosecutor’s office, and it would be in this case that he meets Miles once more, and together, they discover who the true perpetrator of the crime is. 

Not long after this, Miles Edgeworth is believed to have died, and Phoenix continues with his career, but everything steadily comes to a head a year later. 

The Disappearance of Miles Edgeworth

Within the year of Miles Edgeworth’s disappearance, Phoenix continued his law career and became reasonably well-known. However, one day, while defending a client, a policewoman called Maggey Byrde of the murder of her boyfriend is attacked. After struggling with amnesia, he forgets who he is and what he does for a living but is still able to win the case.

After this, he faces off against a different prosecutor through the next few trials: Franziska von Karma, the daughter of his old foe, Manfred von Karma, who had tried to prosecute Miles a year earlier. Franziska is the prosecutor against Phoenix’s old assistant, Maya, who is accused of the murder of a surgeon while she is completing her spirit medium training. Phoenix successfully defends her by prying into her family’s dysfunctional relationship, defeating Franziska. 

Believing that Franziska simply wants revenge against him for putting her father in jail, it turns out that she blames Phoenix for Miles’s “suicide”. However, it turns out that she believes that Miles isn’t dead, but to best her foster brother, she should be able to defeat Phoenix in the court of law. 

However, she never manages to do this, for in her final trial against him, she is almost assassinated. It’s also during this trial that Maya is kidnapped, and Miles Edgeworth returns from the dead. When Franziska is shot, Miles steps in for her, and he faces off against Phoenix once more, but Phoenix is threatened with Maya’s safety to ensure that he will win the case and acquit his client.

With the help of both Miles and Franziska, they’re able to save Maya, and she is able to return home to stay with her cousin Pearl. With that, life can continue as normal for Phoenix until Maya needs his help once again. 

The Mystery of Godot

The Mystery of Godot

Over time, Phoenix conducts several other trials, which leads to meeting the mysterious prosecutor, Godot. All anyone knows is he wears a distinct visor and has a particular fondness for coffee, and the two meet when Phoenix and Maya defend a man from being convicted of being the famous magician Mask DeMasque, who stole the Sacred Urn belonging to the Fey Clan. 

However, Maya and Phoenix are able to prove their client isn’t Mask DeMasque; he is then accused of murder instead. As the case gets more complicated, Phoenix proves that his client is innocent of that, too, but everything continues to go downhill for the defence attorney. 

Phoenix is called out for not properly defending another client, Maggey Byrde, whom he also defended a year earlier. However, he has no memory of doing this, and it turns out that there was an impostor impersonating him. When Dick Gumshoe brings this to Phoenix’s attention, he demands a do-over of the case and faces off against Godot again. However, Godot doesn’t make life easy for Wright due to his own personal dislike of him.

However, it’s later revealed why Godot hates Phoenix so much. Years ago, Godot, previously known as Diego Armando, was once Mia’s partner. The two worked together to solve cases, but during one case, Diego was poisoned, putting him into a coma and even changing his appearance. Upon waking, he heard about Phoenix Wright and the murder of Mia and thus swore to defend Maya from anything that may harm her. 

The Wright Anything Agency

Of course, the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is set seven years after the events of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Despite his successful career, Phoenix has his attorney’s badge taken away from him after he is accused of fabricating evidence. With Wright and Co. disbanded Phoenix becomes the guardian of a young girl, Trucy Wright. Together, the two build the Wright Anything Agency, which is where our story begins. 

If you want to know more about Phoenix’s and Apollo’s story, then don’t hesitate to check out Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and pre-order Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy. There’s a lot going on in the series, and the best way to understand is to play the games yourself (or, to catch up with Phoenix’s story, you could also check out the anime adaptation)!

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